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Q: Is it hard to learn a new sport after high school?
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What are some different ways to finish high school?

Study hard and learn the stuff you're supposed to learn

What was Harry Beckham's sport in high school?

Harry sport in high school was swimming.

Importence of high school sport?

It will prepare you for advanced stages of that sport if you pursue it after high school.

Is high school hockey considered a sport or a club?

High school hockey is a sport, not a club.

How do poorer people get into sport?

Well I dont have a perfect answer for you but just work really hard at the sport or sports you like and try to make your high school team.

How hard is the high school diploma test?

It is not hard to get your high school diploma. You just have to finish high school.

What do you have to do at school?

Well you have to work and try your hardest to maintain a high GPA (grade point average). It can get real hard at times, but suck it up and try to learn. That's what you do in school. Learn.

What is the 1 high school sport in the country?

West Monroe High School

What is Byrchall High School's motto?

Byrchall High School's motto is 'Live to learn, Learn to live'.

What is Thomaston High School's motto?

Thomaston High School's motto is 'Live to learn, learn to live'.

How do you learn high school geography?

Go to High School.

Why is high school hard?

High School is not hard at all, but it requires a lot of work.

Is wrestling a hard sport to take up as a sophomore in High School?

No. One of my friends took wrestling since he was a freshman, and he never complains.

What is the motto of Long View High School?

Long View High School's motto is 'Learn to love to learn'.

What is school like in China for children?

They learn what we learn in high school when they are in middle school or grade school.

Is high school football hard for people with no experience?

High school football should be hard. It should also be the one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You learn life skills as well as training to get your body into peak condition. Try it out and if it's not for you, then at least you tried.

What sport should an 11 year do if she will do that sport in high school?


Can you be in athletics in high school if you were not in junior high or will you not know what to do in high school athletics?

yes you can! high schools offer many many different sport opportunities for you that ANYBODY should take, regardless of any previous sport experiences. try any summer sport programs that the school may offer.

Is going to high school hard?

it is hard when you first go to high school but u will get the hang of it

What is Daniel Hand High School's motto?

Daniel Hand High School's motto is 'Live to Learn - Learn to Live'.

What is the motto of Pensby High School for Girls?

Pensby High School for Girls's motto is 'Live to Learn, Learn to Live'.

Is online school hard in high school?

Yes, it is hard.

Is high school wrestling a hard sport?

Well hard isn't quite the word to describe wrestling. It's demanding that's for sure and depending on your weight class and skill it can definitely be hard. What sport isn't hard though? I don't think there is any point in participating in a sport if it doesn't challenge you mentally AND physically. Wrestling is amazing. Never be afriad to get out on that mat and give it your best shot! :D

The first sport in height schools?

the first sport in high school is Football

What is the minimum age for high school sports?

as long as you are a student at the high school you can join whatever sport the school has to offer