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Yeah it is cause mostly division 1 and sometimes division 2 athletics get drafted and nobody notice them anyway. division 3 sucks their the worst why would someone waste their valuable time on them.

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Q: Is it hard to get drafted in the NFL from a division 3 college?
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How do you get drafted by the NFL?

You usually get scouted out of College.

Can you be drafted as a sophomore in college to the NFL?

You cant be drafted as a sophmore into the nfl because you need the time to mature mentally into the world

How do you get i the NFL?

You play football in college till you get drafted.

What NFL player was NOT drafted from college?

Kurt warner

How do people get from college football to the NFL?

They're recruited or "drafted" from College Seniors.

What do you have to do to be a NFL quarterback?

play college football and be good in it...then get drafted to the NFL and play as a QB

How many years in college to get drafted to the nfl?

3 years

Do all college football players go to the nfl?

No. You have to be drafted

How can a Norwegian football player be drafted in the NFL?

he can only be drafted into the NFL by participating in the College league and get drafted. norwegian football players are not known ( because it is not a big sport in Norway)

How can you get into the NFL?

Either be drafted out of college in the NFL Draft held in late April or be offered a tryout by an NFL team

How can you go to the NFL?

You can go to the NFL by being drafted from college, or being signed as a free agent.

What College Football Coach has the most players drafted to the NFL?