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Q: Is it good team strategy to hit the ball away from the strongest player?
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What is a defender strategy?

it means you defend block/tackle the player with the ball.

Who is the strongest anime?

the strongest anime is san guko in dragon ball

In soccer what is it called when a player kicks the ball away from the goal?

A clearance

Who is the stronget in Dragon Ball?

Goku is the strongest in all of dragon ball

What is reaching-in in basketball?

When a player is trying to tap the ball out of the other player's possession. You can do it as long as you only hit ball, you can't touch the other player. Sometime you can get away with it though.

What happens in table tennis when the player obstucts the ball?

The answer is ... it depends. A player who obstructs the ball when it's travelling towards the table loses the point, whereas they don't if the ball is travelling away from the table.

What is the strongest ghost TM in Pokemon FireRed?

shadow ball is the strongest ghost TM

What is it called when you take the ball away from another player in American Soccer?


What is a sentence for pivots?

The basketball player had to pivot with the ball to keep it away from the opponent.

What is giritinas strongest attack?

shadow ball

If a player shields the ball from another player durning soccer what is the penalty?

this is not a foul so just play on ---- If the ball is within playing distance of the player, then the tactic of "shielding" or "sheparding" the ball, as it's sometimes called, is perfectly legal. If the player is blocking an opponent when the ball is miles away, an indirect free-kick is awarded for obstruction.

What happens when a player deflects a ball?

When a player deflects a ball, they change the direction or path of the ball away from its original trajectory. This can be done intentionally to redirect the ball towards a teammate or away from the goal, or it may happen unintentionally as a result of trying to block a shot or pass. Deflecting a ball can be an effective defensive technique in sports like soccer, basketball, and hockey.