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it is good sometimes but some people who don't like soccer say it is bad

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2014-01-30 19:35:08
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2021-02-04 07:43:06

It is bad!!

cause Basketball is bEtTeR

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Q: Is it good or bad for schools to have a soccer team?
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Is Canada's hockey team any good?

No, they are almost as bad as Brazil is to soccer.

Why is team Canada bad at soccer?

they are into hockey more than soccer

Why is it bad for girls to play soccer?

who said its bad? not like i am a girl or anything, but i think soccer should be let to EVERYONE but at least ranking you on how good you are not by age or size... but no its not bad for girls to play soccer, but a boy against girl team? that could be debatable.

What is the nickname of the Italian soccer team Genoa?


Difference between soccer and Zimbabwe's soccer?

There is no difference just that Zimbabwe's soccer team is very bad [its the same!]

Why is Nigeria not in the new soccer game?

because it is a bad soccer team and there are better teams to be put in the game.

Why soccer should not be played on cement?

it gives you a bad feel for the game for when you play with your local soccer team on grass

Is the job outlook for a professional soccer athlete good or bad?


Co-ed schools are good or bad?

I think single sex schools are good as the education and SATS results are much higher. Girls don't have to hid their personality as much, they become more competitive in sport like field hockey and soccer. But in co-ed schools socialization betweentthe 2 sexes are good.

Why aren't the Dallas Cowboys very good?

Because they have a very bad mentality they play good with the good team and bad with the bad mean streak!

What is bad about soccer?

you can get fallen on, someone can step on you with kleets, or the other team might trip you.

Are The Dragons in the NRL a bad team?

They are really a good team but a lot of people think they are a bad team.

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