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Q: Is it fun to punch people in the face?
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Why do you punch your own face?

People may punch their own face in order to implicate other people. Also, people may punch their face as a symptom of insanity, or in a moment of irritation.

How can you not be a jerk to people?

punch random people in the face

How do you deal with aggressive people?

Punch them in the face act dead

Where do you punch someone when you punch them square in the face?

Square in the face :[

When was Fun Punch created?

Fun Punch was created on 2007-08-15.

Why do people enjoy judo?

Why is anything popular? Because its effective and people enjoy it.

What is a pooch punch?

when you punch a dog in the face :)

How do you punch bull in the face?

You punch bull in the face by being on their right side when they charge by you.

Who can you punch in the face?


How do you stop someone using my email id to send e mails to people as me while not?

punch him in the face

What music video has a techno or trance song with what looks like two power rangers fighting throughout the video?

I believe you're thinking of fun punch by bag raiders.

Can you punch in the face in boxing?