Is it easy to get sponsored by etnies?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: Is it easy to get sponsored by etnies?
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Who is Ryan Sheckler sponsored by?

His main sponsors are Plan B, Etnies, Oakley and Redbull.

Is Will Fyock the skater sponsors?

Will Fyock is sponsored by: Expedition Skateboards, FKD Bearings, Gold Wheels, Etnies Shoes, LRG clothing, and idk about this one but i think he is also sponsored by venture trucks.

When was Etnies created?

Etnies was created in 1986.

Pros and cons of etnies shoes?

etnies are bomb

What is a better brand for skatboarding etnies or vans?

the better brand is etnies

Where can Etnies trainers be purchased?

Etnies is a company that manufactures sports apparel and footwear. Etnies has its own website for direct purchasing from consumers but Etnies products are also sold from other online stores. Etnies footwear is sold at retail locations such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority as well.

What is the Ticker symbol for etnies?

Etnies, stylized as etnies, was founded in 1986 by a professional skateboarder. Today, the company is a subsidiary of Sole Technology, Inc., and does not have a ticker symbol.

What t-shirts does Ryan sheckler wear?

Ryan sheckler is sponsored by etnies, plan b, red bull, indy trucks,ccs,ethika and nixon so he wears those shirts

What logo has an arrow?

etnies does

Is it hard to get sponsored by toy machine?

no its easy if your good

Where are Etnies shoes made?


What are some brands?

Etnies is one:)