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Neither, really. It mostly depends on what you decide to start with. People who skate in hockey skates generally fall over on the toe picks when they try figure skates, and even accomplished figure skaters say they feel like they're gonna fall over when they put on hockey skates. So it's pretty subjective.

One thing I can say from personal experience, figure skates encourage much better posture and skating technique than hockey skates, as figure skates require you to straighten your back out much more to skate in/not fall over on the toepicks in them compared to hockey skates, I started in hockey skates and switched to figure like a week ago, so yeah.

The only bad part of figure skates is, if you get a higher end pair to just start out in, the toe picks will be close to the ice, so if you lean forward much at all, you'll fall on your face. The other issue is, up to about the 80s, figure skates were made of a single layer of leather, that you could move your ankle around in, like a combat boot. I find these really really hard to skate in, due to the lack of ankle support, compared to hockey boots. I'm sure if you start in them, you can eventually get used to them, but after starting in hockey skates, I could not at all. However, newer figure skates are as stiff/stiffer than most hockey skates, so that's no longer an issue, but I'm just saying this if you find some cheap $20 brand new Chinese "figure skates" or find some older skates at a garage sale or something.

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Q: Is it easier to learn to skate on figure skates or hockey skates?
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What is easier to learn on roller blades or roller skates?

I learned on Roller blades, but Roller Skates are best, since it is easier to learn. But, in my opinion, roller blades are more fun, so if you learn on skates, try blades afterwards. Hope this helps!

What it takes to be a figure skater?

Well, for one, you need figure skates. Second, you should take lessons or learn from someone the moves needed to compete.

What type of skate is easier to learn to skate inline skates or quad roller skates?

the quad roller skates are easier for beginners.

Is hockey harder to learn then figure skating?

Hockey is a team sport with skating in it, so for learning it, the process is more like learning to play soccer. Figure skating, to learn it, it's like a martial art, you learn specific things to do and try to learn to do them correctly and efficiently. So it would depend on what you'd consider harder, figure skating can take a really long time to "master" so in that sense it's harder, however if you have trouble working with a team, executing plays, and doing all the other skills hockey requires (puck handling, checking etc,) then hockey would be harder for you to learn.

Witch is harder football or hockey?

It would probably be hockey. You need to learn to skate, skate with a stick, control the puck. In football, you have to learn to throw/catch the ball, but running is easier than skating.

Do hockey players learn figure skating?

No, they learn power skating and balancing. they learn to skate in all directions and manners with strong emphasis on balance,stability and speed. Figure skating implies grace and artistic form, both of which are not necessary for hockey players and aren't taught to any hockey player I've ever seen Generally, hockey players do not learn figure skating. But that is not strictly true. Some professional hockey coaches have hired figure skaters to teach the weaker skaters to cut figures on the ice both clockwise and counterclockwise. The purpose of cutting these figures is to bring about improved balance (most players are weaker at turning in one direction than the other) thereby producing quicker acceleration and reducing falls.

Is figure skating better then hockey?

Figure skating has better skating skill than hockey. However, hockey is a team sport and game, and figure skating is an "art" and to learn it, you pretty much have to go through the rigors you'd do in learning any other art. It's actually very similar to lots of martial arts, the skill sets needed. Hockey, though, is a fun game, like soccer, and different skills are needed for that game, like stick handling, ability to work on a team, etc, that figure skating wouldn't require. One thing, though, that people don't realize, in a race, equivalent level figure skater and hockey player, the figure skater will usually win against the hockey player, the better technique from figure skating would make a better hockey player for sure, just both sides usually never want to try each other's sport.

What will my son learn playing ice hockey?

Your son will learn teamwork and sportsmanship while playing hockey.

Did Paul Newman actually play hockey?

I'm not 100% sure that he did but I play hockey and have for 25 years and if u watch the movie slap shot, his skating is excellent, therefore the only way he could skate that well would be years upon years of practice. My answer would be yes just from watching slap shot and seeing how he skates and handles the puck. You can't learn those skills overnight. Hockey is a complex sport.

Where might one learn how to play pond hockey?

Pond hockey is a very intense game. If one wants to learn how to play pond hockey, one can go to check Life123's site. They have a full tutorial on how to play pond hockey.

Can you give me a sentence for the word hockey?

In hockey there are fundamentals you have to learn before you play.

Where did Patrik Elias learn to play hockey?

At the thomas redford Hockey school

Is hockey an easy sport?

Hockey is an easy sport only if you learn the rules.

Is it easier to learn Japanese or Chinese?

It's said it's easier to learn Japanese at the beginning but harder later. And it's hard to learn Chinese at the beginning but easier later.

Where could one go to learn about college hockey?

The first place to learn about college hockey is obviously any college itself. Almost every college offers a hockey team and competes with other colleges.

How to play hockey?

First of all hockey is not a toy. but In order to get good at hockey you have to play for a while. In all honesty this is a stupid question because you are not going to learn to play hockey on the computer. You may learn the rules but you will not know the game until you physically play the game.

Where can you learn ice hockey?

In your garden.

What is better a scooter or a skates?

the answer is scooter its much more easy because it took me one day to learn how to use a scooter and it will take you a day skates go slow making it boring

Do french speakers find it easier to learn English or do English speakers find it easier to learn french?

it's easier to learn french. the English language is the most difficult language on the planet.

Hardest sport to learn?

In my opinion the hardest sport to learn is ice hockey

How tall do you have to be is ballet?

There usually are no height requirements. If you are shorter than it is easier for you to have beautiful partner lifts. If you are taller then your extensions have the potential to be breath taking. You just have to learn your body and figure out what you are best at.

How do you be successful in hockey?

Practice and learn from the best.

How do you become a hockey player?

Learn how to skate, learn how to play, sign up for a team.

Is Italian or French easier to learn?

Most people say that Italian is easier to learn than French but it all depends on what languages you speak before attempting to learn it.

How do you rollerblade backwards?

When you rollerblade backwards you will essentially be moving your skates in a wave type motion. Both skates in towards each other, both skates out from each other. This constant motion will increase your speed as you go. As you learn the balance techniques of skating backwards, you can then work in doing backwards crossovers and turning.