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Front flip

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Q: Is it easier to do a front flip or a back flip?
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What is easier on a snowboard front flip or back flip?

back flip because you have to prepare more for a front flip and its alot easier going up hill while trying to do your backflip

Is a backflip esier then a front flip?

i think that they are both the same because it's easier to go over in a front flip but harder to get up and in a back flip it's harder to go back and get over and easier to stand up again!

Is it easier to do a back flip or a front flip?

It's easier to do a back flip. You get more leverage, and you can control you path and landing much, much better.Well I can do a front flip on the trampoline and I learned when I was six. But I'm trying to do a back flip and it is hard, but I have heard that doing a back flip is SO MUCH EASIER!!I am a gymnast/freerunner and I'd say a back flip is easier but there more fear but a front flip is harder(you need more height and a faster tuck) but less fear.You should go on youtube and search for a guy called jujimufu or Epic1 they have helped me a lot these last few years.It's Harder to do a back flip, most importantly because people have a fear of going backwards.

What is easier doing front flip then swim or on the land?

Front flip then swim

Which is easier on the trampoline a front flip or a back handspring?

definitly a back hand spring if you arent scared to go backwords For me it would be a front flip. Even though I can do both I just got my front flip first. For me on my back hand spring I had the fear on falling on my head, but in a front flip if you chicken out or mess up all you have to do is put your hands down. But everyone is different. :)

Is a front flip easier than a front handspring?

A handspring in so much easier as it is basically a bouncy cartwheel whereas a flip is hard to get all the little details perfect

What is the difference between a front flip and a front tuck?

There is not a big difference.In a front flip, you do not have to tuck in your feet/calfs, however with the front tuck, your hands have to be wrapped around your feet and bottom part of your legs. So, a front tuck would be a bit easier for some people, and a front flip would be easier for other people.

Is Taylor Lautner double jointed?

He can do a back flip and a front flip.

How could you do a front-flip and a back-flip at the same time?


Can kendall schmidt do back flips?

No but he can do a front flip

What is back front tuck?

There is no such thing as a back front tuck. It's either a front tuck or a back tuck. A tuck (the flip) is when you flip in the air, forwards or backwards, with your knees drawn tight to your chest. A front tuck is when you rotate clockwise, a back tuck is when you rotate counterclockwise.

What are some of the names of some aerobatic stunts?

back flip, front flip, zerohands cartwheel

What are some names for skateboard moves?

kickflip heelflip pop shuv it frontside flip backside flip 360 flip....a.k.a tre flip laser flip varial kick flip varial heelflip front 180 back 180 front 360 back 360 big spin nollie flip nollie heel nollie tre

How do front flip at Nintendogs?

If your dog loves you and you spend alot of time on it, it might do a front of my dogs done a back flip...and beg...ALL BY ITSELF.....anyway, good luck with the front flipo....:P

What are vol and ops in diving?

Vols are Voluntary dives, if you are a senior then you must do a front dive, back dive, and an inward dive. If you are an Intermediate that you must do a front, back and inward dive, If you are a junior you must do a front and back dive. If you are a freshman then you must do a front and back dive. Ops are Optionals dives, Such as a front flip or back flip. Other Optional dives include reverse 1 1/2. Front flip full twist, back double, front double, Inward 1 1/2. If you have any more questions visit

How do you flip the camera on a flip camcorder?

you grab the camcorder and flip the screen to reveal your own face and if you want to see what your filming you just flip the screen back to the front

If you get to your feet in a canoe and move towards the front the canoe moves in the opposite direction?

no the back will flip up and the front will go back

How do you do a back flip on Tony Hawk American wasteland xbox?

down down then b for a front flip up up then b!

Is a front tuck harder than a back tuck?

It is different for everyone. My front tumbling is better than my back tumbling, so I got my front tuck before my back tuck, and I find it easier. But a lot of people find back tucks easier.

Do you need to know how to do a front walkover to do a front flip?

it is debatable but i think it would probably make it easier even though they are two completely different things.

How do you start off doing a front flip on the trampoline?

When you jump up push your arms to the ground and flip your legs back over your head

What is the name of the flip chris brown does in his yeah x3 video?

Front And back areil.

What are some gymnastics words for q?

A QUAD is a back or front flip with 4 twists.

How do you front flip on grass?

flip and then turn

How do you hard flip?

all you do is put your front foot in a kick flip position and your heel hanging of a bit and pressure the back, kick the board and land