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A double dribble is when you are dribbling and catch it but then you dribble again

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Q: Is it double dribble when you drop the ball and pick it up again?
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As you are picking up your dribble if you fumble the ball and drop it can you then pick it up yourself or is that considered a double dribble?

if the ball is knock out of your hands you can pick it up and dribble again, but if you just drop it and pick it up that will be double dribble.

If you drop the ball in basketball is it double dribbling to slap the ball back up into a dribble?


Is it a traveling violation if a player with the ball starts to pass then loses control of it then catches it while keeping his pivot foot in place?

If you stopped dribbling the ball & trying to pass it & losses control of it (ball dropped from your hand & you picked it up again) its a double dribble violation even if your pivot foot didn't move. But if a ball is coming from a pass & accidentally drop the ball & u pass it then its not a violation!

If your golf ball is on the cart path and a drop is allowed how many times can you drop the ball?

You drop it once, if it comes to rest on the path, you drop it again, on the second drop if it comes to rest on the path you place it where the ball touched the grass first on the second drop.

How high should a tennis ball covered in Rootbeer bounce?

Historically, when the ball get's wet with any liquid, it will drop and dribble 2 or 3 times and then stay on the ground. The highest it will probably bounce is about half a foot.

What does re possession mean in netball?

re possession is when you catch the ball , then drop it and then catch it again, or if you are running after the ball and hit it down with your hand to bounce it and then catch it again.

What are synonyms for drip?

drop, splash, sprinkle, trickle, dribble, exude, plop

You hit the ball over a lateral waterhazad the ball hit the ground on the other side and roles back in the water Where do you drop the ball?

The ball would be dropped at the point of impact no closer to the hole, unless there is a designated "Drop Area". If there is not the player is to drop their ball, and if it rolls back into the water this step is repeated. If it rolls back in again, then the ball is placed at point of impact.

How do you dribble a basketball?

jus drop dat stuff like it ain't nothin and catch it and u dribbled

What are synonyms for dribble?

run, drip, trickle, drop, leak, ooze, seep, drool, slaver, slobber

What channel can you watch the ball drop on on Verizon?

What channel can you watch the ball drop on on version

Where do you drop if you double hit a golf shot?

You don't drop unless it lands in the water or you can't find it. Double hitting is when you take a shot and the club hits the ball twice. Usually, you get a 1 shot penalty in most cases.

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