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Boys soccer team. I think.

No, it should be boys' soccer team. Just like you would put "children's soccer team", you need to create the plural, and then add "apostrophe s". In this case, leave off the "s" because "boys" ends in an "s".

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Yes, that is acceptable. Some leagues, competitions, or cultures prefer "junior soccer team" or even "junior men's soccer team", but the original "boys' soccer team" is technically correct and is in widespread use.

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Girl's soccer team means ONE Girl's team.

Girls' soccer team means PLURAL AMOUNT OF GIRLS soccer team.

Now u figure it out XD

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9mo ago
It's girls soccer. No apostrophe. It's not a possessive. It is an adjective.

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Q: Is it correct girl's soccer team or girls' soccer team?
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Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)

Is girls soccer team correct?

You probably need a possessive: girls' soccer team (the team that belongs to the girls, the team they are part of). But don't be shocked if you see it without the apostrophe-- sometimes people just write it the way you did, even though it should have the apostrophe.

Can girls play on a boys soccer team if there is already a girls team?

Yes, girls can be on a boys soccer team even though there is a girls team already.It really doesn't matter.

What is the correct grammar a team of girls were or was?

A team of girls is ("of girls" is a modifier, a team is the subject and that is singular)

How many girls can be on a boys soccer team?

Any girl, girls special soccer teams exist.

Does the apostrophe go before or after the s in girls soccer team I played on the girls soccer team for all four years of high school?

It depends on what style you are writing in. Typical AP format dictates that a soccer team of females is known as Girls' Soccer. I could be wrong on this one, but I think MLA format rules contrarily. In MLA, I do believe it is Girl's Soccer. Good luck.

Which is grammatically correct our school doesn't have a girls hockey team OR our school doesn't have a girls' hockey team?

The plural possessive is: girls' hockey team (a hockey team for girls).

Can girls play on a middle school boys soccer team?


Can boys play with girls in a middle school soccer team?

Yes, they can.

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The Orlando Pride.

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Lindsay Tarpley

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