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No, it is not consider a traveling vioation. If the ref considers it a shot, the shooter can even catch their own "air ball" without it being a violation.

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Q: Is it considered traveling or some other violation for a player to shoot the ball not a free throw shot hit the backboard but miss the rim and then get his own rebound?
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If you rebound your own air ball without the opposing team touching the ball what violation would it be What violation would it be called?

I think that would be considered traveling. You are advancing the ball without dribbling.

What do you call the recovery of a basketball shot that bounces off a rim or backboard?

a rebound

What is rebound in basketball?

When a player throws the ball onto the backboard and a person catches it after it hits the backboard

Can a player rebound his own air ball shot attempt?

No, they can't. They can hit the backboard or the rim and rebound it, but if the shot does not hit either of them, then it is considered a travel, or as others call it, a "self pass."

Can you get the rebound if it only hits the backboard?

Only if your the person who did not shoot the ball

What is it called when a player grabs a ball that is coming off the rim or backboard?


What is the recovering of a shot that bounces off the backboard or the rim in basketball called?

a rebound

Can you jump and shoot the ball off the backboard come down and get your own rebound and go back up and shoot the ball again?

Yes, as long as the ball hits some part of the goal, its not traveling.

Is tipping the ball to a teammate a rebound?

only if the ball comes off of the rim or backboard of the basket

What is rebounding in basketball?

If the ball bounces off the backboard or rim and you catch it before it hits the ground it counts as a rebound.

How do you write rebound in a sentence?

Rebound is used as a verb that means to recoil, bounce, or ricochet. As a noun, it means a recoil, bounce, ricochet, or repercussion. Example sentences: As a verb: You will rebound from this disappointment before you know it. As a noun: The rebound off the backboard put the ball right into the basket!

Is it legal in basketball on the second free-throw shot for the shooter to rebound the ball off the backboard?

yes but only if it hits the rim

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