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You can call ot what ever you feel makes more sense most people will understand what you mean by swoosh and swish,

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Q: Is it called swoosh or swish in basketball?
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How do you write the sounds a basketball makes?

The sound of a ball going through the net is a "swish" or a "swoosh."

What are similar meanings to swish?

Swoosh, classy, posh

What is a shot in basketball called when you do not hit the backboard?

A swish.

What is a swoosh in basketball?

The swoosh is the symbol of the athletic shoe and clothing manufacturer Nike.

What does the Nike swoosh represent?

The Swish, sometimes called The "Swoosh" was originally designed by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 and bought by Phil Knight of Blue Ribbon Sports for $35.00. Since Blue Ribbon changed its name, and enjoyed unbelievable success, she has been much more richly compensated, and rewarded a gold ring decorated with the swish, centered around a large diamond. A more fanciful story of the origin, is that the swish design is modeled after the headless and armless statue of Nike at Samothrace. The swish is supposed to be representing the motion of the wing.

What does swoosh mean in basketball?

It basically means swish.The swoosh is the symbol of the athletic shoe and clothing manufacturer Nike.

Common words used in basketball?


How do you shoot better baskets in basketball?

make it swish

What is a 'swish' in basketball?

== == When someone shoots the basketball and it goes through the net with out touching the rim

What is the Nike logo designer called?

its called the swoosh =]

What is nike logo generally called as?

It is called a Swoosh.

Why does the net make a swish noise in basketball.?

because the wind moving through the net goes across the ball, making a swish noise

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