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it is actually boys' Basketball coach

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Q: Is it boy's basketball coach or boys basketball coach?
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Do you capitalize boys' junior varsity basketball coach in the sentence He is active as a boys' junior varsity basketball coach.?

i am pretty sure you do

When was USA Today High School Boys' Basketball Coach of the Year created?

USA Today High School Boys' Basketball Coach of the Year was created in 1983.

In Believe in Me Clay Driscoll went to Middleton to take which job?

Boys' basketball coach

Who is Mr. Ripley in Tears of a Tiger book?

He is the gym and boys basketball coach in the book.

Who is the only coach wpial basketball coach to take both boys and girls to the wpial final?

Reggie wells of South Park pa

What should you get your basketball coach?

You should get your basketball coach a Basketball because they love Basketball

Who is winingest basketball coach any level high school through pros boys or girls?

Gene Hoffman

Who can help to me teach basketball lessons?

A basketball coach can help.

How much does a basketball coach a year?

how much does a Basketball coach make a year?

Who is the basketball coach at Drake University?

Tom Davis is the basketball coach at Drake University.

Who is is dukes basketball coach?

Joanne P. McCallie is the Duke's Women Basketball coach

Do you need a certificate to coach basketball?

you do not need to have a certificate to be a basketball coach for a parks and recreational team.