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In my opinion it is better to participate in individual sports, because you become more self- confident and more independent, as if participating in team sports because then you rely on others

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Q: Is it better to take part in individual sports than team sports?
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How has sports adapted for disabled people?

It depends entirely on the sport in question and the individual expecting to take part as no 2 disabilities or disabled people have the same "abilities".

What sports can Hindu woman take part in?

Hindu women can take part in all good sports that does not intefere in their religious belief.

What were Mother Teresa's sports?

Mother Teresa did not take part in sports.

What is a sports term?

sports team is a group of members that are going to take part in particular sports

Who takes part in track and field sports?

hobos take part in it

What sports do Belgium take part in?


What sports do England take part in?


What new sports are in 2016 Olympics?

They will all take part in the stadium!! No new sports thi

How many sports is Singapore going to take part in YOG?

Singapore will be hosting 24 sports.

Do you have to take part in a school sports day?

Well if you have a disability then you may have a better chance of not but if you don't you might have a problem with not doing it. You have to go to school so it just depends on your situation.

What sports take part in the present Olympics?


What areas of mental health are promoted when participating in individual sports?

The ability to be independent and take losses.

Should school pupils be able to take part in sport?

Students must take part in sports, as sport helps to keep them on healthy diets and fit. If they don't take part in sports at school, they'd be lazy and that is one reason why some children get obese.

What sports are women allowed to take part in now?


Are women allowed to take part in modern Olympics?

Yes, of course. Many women from many countries take part in all sports.

What are the different Olympic events that competitors can take part in?

in the Olympic sports

Where do professional sports events take place?

Depends what sport, most take part in Stadiums or Arenas.

Who invented sports day?

sports day is a place where people take part and do sports. Eg: running, long jump, shot put, high jump etc.

Why did the Ancient Greece like to take part in sports?

Wars were being raged so the Greek people decided to make a competitive game so the people could see who was better without spilling blood.

Why don't people take part in sport?

maybe they are lazy or do not like sports.

Why do people take part in extreme sports?

thrill, excitement, something different

Which sports will india take part in london 2012 olympics?

Errr...That was the question I was going to ask! Erm, look up Beijing, or however you spell it, and see what sports India took part in then. Chances are, those are the sports they've took part in in London 2012. GO BRITAIN AND INDIA! :)

Should young girls be encouraged to take part in sports?

Any young child should be encouraged to take part in sports, it helps start a healthy fit life style and can establish the importance of team work as well as countless other benefits

Why people take part in sports?

People usually do sports so they aren't fat but sometimes it is for personal reasons. I do it because it is fun and enjoyable!

What is a person wanting to take part in politics and government in a democracy?

Can act as an individual or part of a formal or informal group.