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Its better to swim in the deep water but if you have a child its safe to swim in the shallow water.

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Q: Is it better to swim in shallow water or deep water?
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Is it easier to swim in deep or shallow water?

Well if your an amateur of course its shallow

Can long tailed lizards swim in deep water?

It has to be very very shallow they dont swim they just walk a lil in the water very little water advised

Do buffaloes go in the water?

What do you mean? Well not in the deep water where you need to swim to survive. But the shallow waters, yes.

Do Bottlenose dolphins swim in deep or shallow waters?

Bottle nose dolphins can swim in shallow water because they can inhale the air humans inhale to. The dolphins can all so dive to under 1000fl to the bottom of the sea

Do coatimundies swim?

Coatis will occasionally swim in shallow water.

Do Coatimundi swim?

Coatis will occasionally swim in shallow water.

Do Alligator swim?

yes alligator lizards swim in shallow water but enough to swim in

What are the effects of cold water on bottlenosed dolphins?

although the shallow water that the swim in is warmer than the deep sea, the water is mostly cold. they have to chill it at marine parks

Is it more difficult to swim in a shallow pool or a deep pool?

it depends if your a good swimmer then the shallow end but if a bad swimmer or nervous swimmer deep end

Do alligator lizards swim?

yes alligator lizards swim in shallow water but enough to swim in

What are the risk factors of drowning?

well if you don not know how to swim at least 90% chance or if your in very shallow or deep water then you may drown

How shallow can sharks swim in the water?

They can swim up to the surface but they are unlikely to approach shallow beaches due to fear of getting beached.

Do hermit crabs swim?

no, so don't put water in your tank that is to deep. It is still important to have drinking water, though, so try putting a sponge in some water instead. yes,they swim but in shallow water,i have a hermit crab and it has a bowl with shallow water in it.My hermit crab goes swimming sometimes,but don't force the hermit crab.

Can you swim at the beach?

hell yeah! if you go in really deep but not in the shallow area! haha!

Do you need to know how to swim to snorkel?

Technically, no. A snorkel is merely a breathing apparatus that allows one to breathe while one's face is below water. You could use a snorkel while walking or crawling in shallow water. Still, it'd be a far better idea not to be in water deep enough to snorkel in without some ability to swim.

Why do proboscis monkeys swim?

The proboscis monkey lives both in the trees and the water. It has to as its mangrove swamp and river environment contains forest, fry land, shallow water allowing wading, and deep water requiring swimming. They have to swim if they want to get across many obstacles in their habitat.

How do fish without swim bladders keep from sinking?

They swim constantly, or rest on the bottom in shallow water.

To what depth can a shark swim?

the shark can swim 10000m deep in the water

Will be easier to swim in deep end of swimming pool?

Not neccesarily. If you are a confident swimmer then swimming in the deeper end may be easier, but if you are learning to swim then it would be a better idea to stay in the shallow end as it would be safer and would probably be easier.

Do monk seals swim in shallow water?

The answer is no. thats all i can say.

What does 'to be thrown in at the deep end' mean?

This phrase refers to swimming pools; the usual design for a swimming pool involves a shallow end, where you can stand up in the pool with your head above water, and a deep end, where the bottom of the pool is too deep for you to stand on it and have your head above water. If you are teaching someone how to swim, you normally start them at the shallow end of the pool, where a non-swimmer has an easier time because it is not actually necessary to swim. If you throw someone into a swimming pool at the deep end, they have to either swim or drown. Metaphorically, any time someone is given a task which requires them to do something difficult before they have mastered the simpler version, that can be called throwing them in at the deep end.

How deep does water need to be for frogs?

If your frog is a completely aquatic frog, the water should be deep enough to swim around in, like a regular fish. But if your frog is a half land half water frog, the water shouldn't be TOO deep. It should be shallow enough to let your frog's head break the surface, and you need to have sticks or ridges to help your frog get out of the water.

Are dolphins nekton?

Nekton are animals that move or swim freely in the ocean. They can live in shallow or deep water and are all shapes and sizes. Dolphins are part of the chordates group of nekton.

Do peacocks like water?

They aren't drawn to it. Mine never wade, of course can't swim and I have both shallow (2") stream and deep (8') pond. They drink from my fountains.

What does No river is shallow to a manwho can't swim mean?

A man will drown in a teaspoon of water if he fails to learn how to swim

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