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It depends. To dribble it is better to use the side of your foot. To shoot a goal it is better to use your toe.

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Q: Is it better to kick a soccer ball with a toe or side of your foot?
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How do you kick a nonrotating soccer ball?

With your foot.

What part of foot do you kick a soccer ball with?

my dad always taught me to kick a soccer ball with the side of your big toe for a lot of power!!

How do you kick a soccer ball properly?

to kick a soccer ball properly do not use ur toe! kick either with ur laces or with the inside side of ur foot.

How do you shoot a soccer ball with your heel?

You turn your back to the ball, and kick your foot backwards so that the heel of your foot strikes the ball. Note that this is not a legal way to kick a Penalty Kick.

What part of the body is used to kick a soccer ball?

Usually, when people kick the soccer ball they turn there hips and use there legs muscles to kick the ball. It depends if you kick with your left foot you lean back and use the left side of the body, but if you use your right foot, you lean back and use the right foot. :)

How do you kick a soccer ball in the air?

There isn't an exact way to kick a soccer ball. First, make sure your planted foot is pointed in the direction you want it to go. Then you can kick the ball by the inside of your foot. When you do that it's mostly going to be a pass. Secondly, you need to use your planted foot in the right direction. Then, you want to kick the ball with your laces. Not with you toes or foot it will hurt. When your scoring, make sure you get your shoulders over the ball.

Can you kick a soccer ball better with full air or more air than it is supposed to have?

i think you can kick the soccer ball better with full air better with full air, but even better with a little less

How do you kick a soccer ball 5 yards?

there is no way you just have to have a strong foot like me i play soccer i can kick a ball across a basketball court in the air with little effort

Where on your foot is the best place to kick a soccer ball?

On your inside part of your foot unless you are shooting the ball into the goal then use your laces.

What happens if you are right handed but you kick a soccer ball with your left foot?

The ball moves in the direction you kicked it.

What foot do you use to kick a soccer ball?

Whichever is your dominant foot or preference. Most right handed people kick with their right foot, and vice versa.

How does foot length affect how far you can kick a soccer ball?

the way it affects it is because a big foot takes up the length of the ball so that you can kick it farther, for instance, a kid who has a small foot, can not kick the ball as far it is not taking up all the space on the ball

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