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It is better to hit with your hands together on your stick. When ever i hit with my shoulder people go flying, but it is easier to get called. so it is safer to hit with your hands.

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โˆ™ 2010-08-29 20:19:26
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Q: Is it better to hit with your hands together on a lacrosse stick or with your shoulder in lacrosse?
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Should you tape the top of your lacrosse shaft?

no you don't tape the top of your lacrosse just tape just lower region for better grip and reminding you where to put your hands.

How does lacrosse checking work?

there are two types of checking: body check and stick check with stick checking you can hit your opponent as hard as you like but your hands have to be together on the shaft with body checking you can ram into anybody as hard as you like but both of your hands have to be on your lacrosse shaft

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They provide padding for the hands of the players. Boy's lacrosse glove allow the best flexibility and comfort for the player's hands. -from a indoor field hockey player

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Can you knock down a lacrosse ball with your hands?

no, you could use your stick, but lacrosse is a game where the ball is wanted above the ground at all times, so i wouldn't recommend that.

Why do people tape their lacrosse sticks?

The reasoning of the tape is to know where the proper positioning of your hands should be.

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