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Light. Lighter stick equals faster hand speed for shooting for the most part.

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Q: Is it better to have a heavy or light lacrosse stick?
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Will you shoot a lacrosse ball faster with heavy or light stick?

The Answer is lighter because it will be easyer to use and its not holding you down.

What Can you fill a lacrosse stick with to make it heavy?


How heavy should a defensive lacrosse stick be?

the weight of a defensive lacrosse stick doesnt matter, it just has to be a length of at least 72 inches

Would a lighter lacrosse stick be more easier to throw with or a heavy stick?

Yes, because it is lighter so you have more control over it and you can feel the ball come out better.

What is better a wooden lacrosse stick or a metal one?

medal is

What is the Lacrosse stick called?

The actual stick of the lacrosse stick is called a shaft.

Is a brine netfinder lacrosse stick a good lacrosse stick?


Where can you buy a lacrosse Charm?

Here is a lacrosse stick charm-

Is it better to hit with your hands together on a lacrosse stick or with your shoulder in lacrosse?

It is better to hit with your hands together on your stick. When ever i hit with my shoulder people go flying, but it is easier to get called. so it is safer to hit with your hands.

Are lacrosse shorts good for pool?

Lacrosse shorts are very baggy and will stick to your legs when they get wet, they will also get heavy and fall off leaving you butt naked. So no, lacrosse shorts are not good in a pool

What do lacrosse players play with?

a lacrosse stick.

Which lacrosse stick is better the Debeer envy or the Debeer intuition?

It depends on which stick fits you better. Also about what type of position you play and how experienced you are. Usually at the store they can help you figure out which stick would be better for you.

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