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Q: Is it beneficial to play 7 games instead of 5 for nba finals?
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How many games does an Australian rules football player have to play to qualify for finals?

There is no minimum number of games that an Australian rules football player has to play to qualify for finals. It depends on if your team makes it to the finals, then the coach can choose whichever players he thinks are best to play in the finals .

What do you call winning enough games during the season be able to play in the finals?


Who did the Lakers play in 2010 for the championship?

they had a rematch from the 2008 finals and beat the Boston Celtics in 7 games

How many rounds in the whole NHL playoffs?

There are four rounds in the playoffs: # Conference Quarterfinals # Conference Semifinals # Conference Finals # Stanley Cup Finals

Who did the bulls play in their second NBA finals?

The Chicago Bulls played in their second NBA finals in 1992. They won 4 games to 2 over the Portland Trail Blazers.

How does the NHL finals series work?

It has 4 rounds, in which teams play up to 7 games, a minimum of 4.

What year and what team did the Washington Capitals play in the Stanley Cup Finals?

The Washington Capitals made it to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1998, and were swept in 4 games by the Detroit Red Wings.

How many games did the Wings play in the 1997 playoffs?

20 games: * Conference Quarterfinals: Defeated St. Louis Blues in 6 games * Conference Semifinals: Defeated Anaheim Mighty Ducks in 4 games * Conference Finals: Defeated Colorado Avalanche in 6 games * Stanley Cup Finals: Defeated Philadelphia Flyers in 4 games

Where are the play and earn games on stardoll?

You no longer have play and earn games on stardoll. To earn you need to complete tasks instead.

How many games would be played in a knockout if there was sixteen teams in soccer?

A single-elimination tournament consisting of only knock-out rounds (no group play, no third-place, etc) will feature 8 games in the first round, 4 games for the quarter-finals, 2 games for the semi-finals, and 1 final game, for a total of 15 games.

Did the Atlanta hawks ever play in the finals?

The Hawks won the 1958 NBA title when the franchise was in St. Louis. They defeated the Boston Celtics four games to two.

What are some beneficial reasons for having a gaming laptop?

The beneficial reasons of having a gaming laptop is having more of an advantage when playing games then a regular computer being able to play high performance games and get the best quality.