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As Rugby is a high impact sport playing with ANY skeletal issue is inadvisable. Its more so where the back is effected. There are sports that this type of issue will not effect the performance of the person - I suggest seeking expert advice

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yeah! It is good for your muscles and keep your body warm.

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Q: Is it bad to play rugby and other sports with scoliosis and muscle spasm's in you back?
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What is the common ailment of muscular system?

A very common ailment of the muscular system is muscle spasms. This often occurs in the back. It can happen because of work related injuries, sports, or other daily activities.

Can dehydration cause severely aching muscles?

Yes, dehydration can definitely cause muscle spasms. If you are taking a high dose diuretic (fluid pill) that can also cause it, due to the depletion of potassium in your body. If so, eating a banana or drinking orange juice, or consuming other foods high in potassium will replace the potassium, and will help eliminate the muscle spasms. If you continue to have the muscle spasms, you need to have your doctor examine you to determine the cause of them.

If your back hurts can it be from Scoliosis?

it can be from scoliosis but it can be from other things also.

How can weight lifting help in other sports?

It conditions you helping you train and build muscle that is used when you play sports.

What causes scoliosis not including idopathic scoliosis?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ this is actually incorrect. IDIOPATHIC SCOLIOSIS HAS NO KNOWN CAUSE you CANNOT get it from 'bending over too much' or 'carrying a heavy bag' you will get it regardless. other forms of scoliosis however have known causes yes it happens more in girls than boys, 2% of healthy boys will get scoliosis where as the percentge of girls is much much higher when i say healthy boys, i mean boys who have no health problems / disabilities scoliosis seems to go hand in hand with heart conditions other muscular diseases such as muscular distrophy / ostrophy etc. people often perk up at that when i say 'health problems' note, this does not include any mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. mostly just heart and muscle conditions. (although scoliosis can cause other mental conditions to arise, sadly)

Are firebird cars muscle cars or sport cars?

Depends of the year? Usually what differs a muscle car and a sports car(other than yr.) is handling. A Muscle car in the day was stop light to stop light, a sports car is more about handling back then.

What is the first aid for a spasm of the muscles?

Muscle spasms are typically seen in heat cramps, when exercising on hot days and you are not used to it. In that case, drink a fluid with sodium and other electrolytes such as Gatorade (preferably dilute regular Gatorade with half water, or use G2). For chronic spasms, heat pads may be beneficial to relax the muscle. Talk to your doctor if it gets severe, muscle relaxers may be prescribed, or they may be able to identify underlying conditions.

What is congenital scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a side-to-side curvature of the spine. Congenital scoliosis is due to congenital abnormal formation of the bones of the spine, and is often associated with other organ defects.

What are some of the symptoms of a brain tumor?

One common warning sympton of a brain tumor is a persistent headache which will not go away. Other common warning symptoms are blurred vision or muscle spasms.

My mom doesn't have scoliosis but can i get scoliosis?

I have scoliosis and no one in my family has had it. So you can get scoliosis even if its not in your family history. There are 3 types of scoliosis, I suggest looking them up, I unfortunatly have the type that no one knows what's causing it. But the 2 other types are well know and if you have it they can probably do more for you than mine.

What is soma for?

Soma is a muscle relaxant legitimately prescribed to relieve pain from muscle injuries and spasms. It works by blocking pain sensations between the nerves and the brain. Soma is used together with rest and physical therapy to treat injuries and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

What causes skeleton l muscle pull?

A skeleton I muscle pull could be caused by stretching the muscle beyond what is comfortable. This type of injury is often caused during sports or other physical activity.