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Yes it is bad because it can make you nipples sore

A tumor type gets developed underneath the aerola which does not look good when u remove your clothes

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โˆ™ 2012-05-18 13:16:25
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Q: Is it bad for men to play with their nipples?
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Is it bad that you play wirh your nipples and you a girl?

Nope. Playing with your nipples feels amazing. Lots of girls play with their nipples because it makes them feel good.

Can men play with each other's nipples?

I have two nephews, Robert & William When we play together, i enjoy tapping their nipples with my fingers and singing.David Wesson.

Is toothpaste bad for your nipples?

Putting toothpaste on your nipples will have no effect on them, good or bad.

Do men have to have nipples like if a man doesn't have a that weird?

Men don't "have to," but it is weird if he does not because EVERYONE, men & women, have nipples.

Is nipples a bad word?


Can men be born without nipples?

No, you must not forget that only Hawaiian men with out penises can have have large breast but no nipples

Is it bad if your nipples are hard?

No. Nipples will harden as a reflex when they are stimulated or cold.

Your nipples are hard is that bad?

no, if u r cold your nipples tend to get hard. Women will most always get hard nipples when aroused and most men wont, but some do. if u r Mae and get hard nipples when aroused it doesnt mean theres anything wrong it just happens.

Do nipples eject CO2 in men?


Can men survive without nipples?


Are there different nipples in men?

Yes we all have different nipples. Some people have traffic cone nipples, quarter nipples, dime nipples, and many many more :)

Why do gay men have big nipples?

Most gay men enjoying having their nipples pinched, sucked, bite on while having sex. Overtime their nipples will become more erect and grow in size. A: What rubbish! Gay men's nipples are just the same as any man's.

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Is it bad to clothes pin your nipples?

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