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No, an ace is when you serve the ball so well that it can not be returned.

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Q: Is it an ace in tennis if you hit the player in the body?
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What is an unreturned serve in tennis called?

If the player is unable to hit the serve then it is an ace. But if the player hits the ball but does not return it, then it is a forced error.

Why do you have to have a racket for tennis?

well unless you want to hit the tennis ball with your body you need a tennis racket

If tennis ball hits player when the player is out of bounds?

If the tennis ball hit the player, even if the player is out of bounds, then the opponent gets the point.

Who hit first ball at Wimbledon?

A tennis player

What is the verb for this sentence The tennis player is going to hit the ball?

going to hit

What is the term for hitting a tennis ball past a player?

The general term is called a winner. If it is hit on specific shots, it can receive specific names. Such as on a serve, it is called an ace. If it is hit on the return of serve, it's called a return winner.

Does the ball have to hit the line to be an ace in tennis?

No. The interior lines (half-lines) on tennis courts determine the service court, into which the serve must be made. An ACE is any legal serve that is not successfully returned by the opponent, winning the point for the server.

What is important about a tennis ball for a tennis player?

The tennis ball needs to have a very good bounce so that the player can hit it most times it comes to them it also needs to be firm

Who is the tennis player who has hit the most winners in 1 match?


What edge does the server have in tennis?

It depends if you are playing singles or doubles and how strong the server is. If you can hit it very fast or at an angle hard to reach, it will be an ace.

What is the aim of tennis?

the aim of tennis is to hit the ball away from the other player so you can win the point and there for win games.

What are star players in Mario tennis?

The player who can make the winning hit when in a crisis.

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