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No it is not against the rules, however if you get caught you may be finding the next pitch is at your head.

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Q: Is it against the rules if a batter looks back to see what sign the catcher is using?
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Is it against the rules to steal the catcher's signals?

No, but if the other team thinks it is going happening, the batter will probably get one in the ear.

If a batter foul tips a pitch that is caught by the catcher can a base runner steal?

In MLB, yes. According to MLB rules, a foul tip is a ball that is tipped by the batter that goes straight back into the catcher's mitt. It is considered a swinging strike and not a foul ball.

How can a batter be called out if the pitcher does nothing?

I'm not a baseball expert, but I seem to recall a rule against crossing in front of the catcher from one side of the plate to the other when the pitcher is on the mound without first calling time out. Maybe there are some baseball experts out there who can elaborate further. Yes. This is true. If the batter crosses from one side to the other while the pitcher is set to pitch, the batter is declared out. Another way an out can be recorded without the aid of a pitcher is if the batter does anything against the rules like corking the bat.

What constitutes batter interference when a catcher throws to second to get the runner out who is stealing?

If the ball hits third base on a hit, it is foul according to Major League Rules

When was Against the Rules created?

Against the Rules was created in 2009.

What can a batter not do?

In the game of baseball the batter is the player who is at bat. There are many rules that the batter must follow. One of the most important rules is that the batter cannot leave his position in the batter's box once the pitcher comes to set position.

What are the ways a batter can be declared out in softball?

Three strikes, dropped third strike (if the catcher gets them), breaks the rules/ anything illegal or a caught fly ball if the ball doesn't hit the ground.

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No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.No, it would have been against the rules and more importantly against their oath.

Can you request an intentional walk with the batter having a pitch count?

Under MLB rules, at any point during an at-bat, a manager can instruct the pitcher to intentionally walk a batter -- even on an 0-2 count. Whether he SHOULD do so is another question, but doing so is not against the rules.

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What are the rules for baseball?

in baseball the rule is the other team throws a ball and the person who is batting has to hit it if he hits it he has to run bases. if the batter gets 3 strikes hes out and if He the batter run all three bases and back home without getting touched by a catcher its a home run.

Can a runner pass another runner?

no, that's against the rules. if the batter hits the ball and runs, the man on, let's say first base will also have to run.

Is it illegal to use a first baseman's glove at another position in baseball?

Would use the term against the rules. Yes, a mitt is not allowed to be used in other fielding positions, except catcher

Is kissing allowed in schools?

In most schools, there are rules against kissing. Any PDA can be against the rules. The rules should be listed in your school handbook.

What are some rules of fastpitch softball?

There are a lot of rules to softball but you said a few so I will name some of them. ONE:If there is a throw down to second base then the second basemen has to tag the runner and not simply touch the bag with her foot . TWO:If the ball is hit into a pop fyly ball and if the ball is caught and if there is a runner that ran to the next base then the runner has to tag back up on the bag that they came from before they can go to the next base. THREE:If the batter is batting in the box and the catcher is in the way of the batter and interfears with the hit then the batter gets to go to first base. There you go. Three rules about softball.

Is it against the rules to play any position other than catcher with a catchers mitt?

No, but why would you want to? You would only increase your chances of committing an error, which would cause you to be a liability to your team in the field!

What happens when a player gets hit by a dodgeball and some one else cathes it?

It depends on the rules as rules vary from place to place. Normally, if the catcher is on the team of the person who's hit, then the hitter is out, if the catcher is on the hitter's team, the person who is hit is out.

Is it hard to be a catcher?

When your a catcher it isn't hard if you have a good glove. I know this cuz i play softball. If you have catching skills it isn't hard. But u need to no the rules.

Why can a batter strikeout and get on first by a wild pitch?

Rule 6.05(b) of the MLB Official Rules states that a batter is out when a third strike is legally caught by the catcher or when a third strike is not legally caught by the catcher and first base is occupied with less than two out. Except for the infield fly rule and the uncaught third strike rule, which keeps the defensive team from making an 'error' to make a double play or triple play, the only way a batter can be called out is if a defensive fielder has possession of the baseball. With the uncaught third strike, no one has possession of the ball.

When can a coach choose to automatically walk a batter?

Anytime a batter is at the plate, a pitcher and catcher can agree to throw nothing but balls to that batter. However, no pitcher would do so without getting an order from the manager to do so -- but, again, the manager can make that decision at any time the batter is at the plate. It is NORMALLY done as soon as the batter arrives at the plate. But, if a manager orders a pitcher to throw four un-hittable balls after the batter has swung and missed badly on the first two pitches, that would not be a violation of the rules.

In baseball how can the catcher commit a balk?

catcher's balk A rarely called violation of catcher's interference charged as a balk when a catcher leaves the catcher's box before the pitch is delivered, especially on an Intentional Base On Balls (IBB). The balk penalty would award the batter first base and any runners would advance.[Official Baseball Rules, 2004 Edition, published by Triumph Books], Rule 4.03(a)

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Batter gets hit by pitch but doesnt move?

If the Home Plate Umpire rules that the batter did not attempt to avoid being hit, batter does not get the pass to first base.