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Yes, at least at the high school level yes. I've gotten called for it.

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Q: Is it a technical foul for dunking a basketball in warm ups?
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Does warm up music affect how you play in Basketball?

You can't be serious.

Is shooting around a game of basketball?

No it is a way to warm up, but is not a game

Does a team warm up before they play in a Baskerball game?

Yes, basketball players warm up before they play.

Can soccer players warm up outside the technical area?

Yes they can, but they need to do it fast

What to do before a basketball game?

Warm-up, stretch, think about basic fundamentals.

What is the scientific word for warm air?

There is no specific technical term; warm, tepid, and room temperature would all be acceptable in general speech.

Why warm up away from bench in basketball?

One reason is to keep your muscles warm so that when you need them, they are ready to go and will not seize up and fail you.

What do basketball players do after playoffs?

They stop playing until the next season Duhhh

Who is the oldest person to dunk a basketball on a 10 football goal?

For a male, he should be dunking a 10 foot tall basketball goal at a maximum height of 6 feet 7 inches tall. And for a female, she should at least be able to dunk a 10 foot tall basketball goal at 8 foot tall.

Why do basketball players wear warm up uniforms?

to keep their muscles/arms warmed up for the game

What is an example of a sentence that uses the word squadrons?

There are eight basketball people on the team and we warm up together

How do you know when a game of basketball is ready to start?

The guys will start to warm up and or the buzzer will go off