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As long as its not really devils like the ones in hell then your safe with being a sin

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Q: Is it a sin to like the New Jersey devils?
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Is Curiosity a sin?

If it is, then that cat is definitely going to hell.***********If it is, then all great scientists, artists, and philosophers are devils.

Can you be followed by a fallen angel?

yes, you can be followed by fallen angels known as devils. they try to tempt you and make you sin

Why arethere devils?

The concept of devils varies across cultures and belief systems. In many religions, devils are seen as personifications of evil or as fallen angels who rebelled against a higher power. Some people believe that devils serve as a test of faith or as a way to tempt individuals away from goodness.

Is sin related to death?

According to the New Testament, "The wages of sin is death." Or, death is the result of sin, in every sense. You are paid death, for sin.

When was We're in Like Sin created?

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What is the devils element?

The Devils element is nickel. The name is a short form of the German word 'Kupfernickel' or devils copper.On the Periodic Table the devils elements symol is=NIThe atomic number is=28.I hope you find this helpful.

When was Tequila - Brand New Sin album - created?

Tequila - Brand New Sin album - was created on 2006-10-03.

Is the pope free from sin?

No, the pope is human just like the rest of us and is not free from sin or the temptation to sin.

What are the release dates for The Sin Eater - 2004?

The Sin Eater - 2004 was released on: USA: 2004 (New York City, New York)

Who is new lead singer of brand new sin?

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Taxes on items like cigarettes and alcohol are called?

Sin Taxes

Do animals sin?

No animals do not sin humans sin and it would be better for us to act like them although that is not the best way to act.