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Q: Is it a secret that the undertaker and Kane are half-brothers?
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Who is Kane's personal brother?

The Undertaker, because it's a secret.

Why is it a secret that undertaker Kane and Lita are related?

Undertaker, Kane, and Lita are NOT related. If you think they are, it's probably from a storyline that the WWE went with. I know years ago Kane and Undertaker were brothers. But in real life, none are related to each other whatsoever. So, there is no secret because it's not true.

Who is the undertaker's little and real secret brother?

kane (glenn thomas jacobs)

Is it a secret that The Undertaker and Kane are brother's?

It is hardly a secret if people know about it. It may also be a falsehood

Why did Kane leave the Undertaker?

i think Kane leave undertaker because undertaker is best then Kane

Is undertaker and Kane married?

NO!!! The Undertaker and Kane are not gay!!!

Is undertaker brother of Kane?

No Kane is the brother of Undertaker

Is Kane older then the undertaker?

undertaker is older undertaker is 45 Kane is 43

Does Kane hate undertaker?

Yes, Kane does hate Undertaker, because Kane is jealous that he was always walking in the Undertaker's shadow, and now Kane wants to kill Undertaker.

Undertaker and Kane are they brothers?

Yes Undertaker and Kane are brothers.

Who killed undertaker in WWE Kane?

Kane killed the undertaker. Actually, The undertaker is not dead.

Do Kane and undertaker brothers?

Nahh,man Kane and the Undertaker are not brothers......kane is from Madrid,Spain and Undertaker from Houston,Texas..