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Yes, it is part of your equipment.

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Q: Is it a penalty to hit your cart or trolley with a shot?
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What is the penalty if you hit yourself with your own ball?

2 shot penalty

What are the rules pertaining to the cart path being within 10 ft of the green. you hit your ball on the cart path and it goes out of bounds.?

The question is unclear. If you hit your shot and it bounces off the cart path and goes OB then it is unfortunate, you must replay a shot from that position as you would do with any shot that went OB. If you are on the cart path, you should check local rules. Some courses have cart paths as an integral part of the course and the ball must be played off them, if this is the case you can play a shot off them or take a PENALTY drop. If you are allowed relief then you may take nearest point of relief (no nearer the hole) and one club length.

What is the penalty for a water hazard relief?

You have to take a penalty drop, which is one shot. So if you start a hole, and hit your tee shot into the water, you take your penalty drop and then play your approach, which will be your third shot.

Is there a penalty for taking too long to hit your tee shot in the PGA?


If 2 people tee off and you hit his ball second shot instead of yours is it a 2 shot penalty or 1?

Two shot penalty, he must replace his ball and then you must play your own.

Ball in sandtrap hit sand in backswing is it a penalty?

You are given a two shot penalty in stroke play, or loss of hole in matchplay.

Why is there a bottle of sand in golf cart?

You pour the sand into your divots after you have hit.

When golfing you hit someone's golf bag who incurs the penalty?

If you hit your OPPONENT, HIS CADDY or PLAYING PARTNER or THEIR equipment there is no penalty. You can either cancel that shot and replay it from the original position or play the ball as it lies, your decision.If you hit YOURSELF, CADDY or PLAYING PARTNER, or YOUR equipment, there is a two shot penalty.

How much strokes does an out of bounds in golf cost you?

The penalty for hitting out of bounds is one shot, and you need to play another shot from where you played the original, so effectively it is two.If you hit you tee shot, 1st shot, out of bounds, add one stroke penalty, 2nd shot, them you are playing 3 off the tee, and therefore 4 from the fairway or rough.

If your ball strikes your club face in mid air after your original stroke do you incur a penalty?

When you hit the ball twice in one stroke, you must add a penalty stoke. Which makes that original stroke become two.

In golf if you take your stnce against a tree bush and knock some leafs of do you incur a penalty?

The key thing is, if you are playing a stroke and hit the tree then continue your swing and hit the ball then there is no penalty. If you are taking a practice swing and knock a leaf off then one shot penalty.

What happens if you hit the pin in golf?

If you are off the green, nothing, and play the ball as it lies. If you are on the green it is a two shot penalty and you must play the ball as it lies. So if you are on the green, and putt with the pin in, and it goes in the ball is deemed holed, but there is a two shot penalty.