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i mean soccer ball

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Q: Is it a penalty if the soccer call hit your arm unintentionally?
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What is a hand ball in soccer?

There is no such thing as a handball in soccer. The offence you refer to is "deliberate handling." It is when the ball is deliberately touched by a player with any part of the arm or hand. The goal keeper is exempt from this call when the ball is within his penalty area.

What penalty is called when a soccer player uses any part of their arm to touch the ball?

Using the arm to [deliberately] touch the ball is called deliberate handling and is a direct free kick offense. If a player commits a direct free kick offense within their own penalty area, then the direct free kick becomes a penalty kick. Note that goal keepers are immune to this particular offense within their own penalty area.

Can you play soccer with an arm cast?

Yes-i have played softball with a broken arm so soccer could be elligible

Is it against any rule if the goalkeeper leaves the penalty area in soccer?

It is not against any rule of soccer if a goalkeeper leaves the penalty area. He has the same rights and privileges on the field of play as any other player, except that he gets the added privilege of handling the ball within his own penalty area. It is only against a rule if the goalkeeper is handling the ball with any part of his hand, arm, or shoulder when leaving the penalty area; it will be a handling foul, direct free kick to opposing team from just outside the penalty area where the GK carried the ball, and possibly a caution (yellow card) if the referee believes the act was unsporting conduct.

If the soccer ball touches anywhere on your arm is it counted as a handball?

If a player deliberately handles the ball, with the hands or arms, then they are guilty of deliberate handling and a direct free kick or penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team.

What is the penalty for strong arm robbery in Mississippi?

Twenty yeatd

Can you use your arm in soccer?

no because you would break it

What is an illegal touching using your arm in soccer?


What does out of area in soccer mean?

Handling outside of the area or box, is when a goalkeeper picks up or touches the ball with a hand or arm intentionally, outside of the designated area, otherwise known as the penalty box. Out of the area, probably just means when a keeper leaves that area.

What is strong arm robbery penalty in South Carolina?

0 to 15 years.

Why do soccer players wear black tape on their upper arm not a captains arm band?

they wear it when somebody past away.

When is a penalty awarded in rugby?

When any of the games laws are broken such as offside or holding on which requires the ref to award a full arm penalty which either results in a kick for touch, a penalty goal attempt, scrum or a quick tap.

If the ball hit by a batsman hits the helmet behind what its call?

The call is "Penalty". The batting team will get 5 extra runs. The umpire signals five penalty runs by bringing one arm across his chest and touching his shoulder.Source:

What do you call a man with one arm?


What is the Yellow arm band in soccer?

It is a captain armband you should see a c on it (captain).

Can you play soccer with a broken arm?

well it depends, if its american than no because you use your arm and if its english no because you have two do throw ins

How can you reattach your severed arm?

Get a doctor then tell to reattach your arm or just find a phone and call the ambulance

Is football and netball the same?

No. In basic - Football (soccer) is played with a ball that can come in to bodily contact with every part except the arm/hand. That is a penalty offence. Only a Goal Keeper may handle the ball and only in the goal area. Netball is similar to basket ball except you may not run and dribble with the ball.

How do you become a soccer goalie?

Train a lot, be quik and agile, maybe do some arm trainigs, and ask a soccer-club near your place to become a goalie in a team.

Can you play soccer with a cast?

of course! Just make sure that you are extra careful not to fall on your arm!

Can a soccer goal keeper wear a short sleeve top?

yes, but it will hurt if it hits the arm

In soccer how is the captain for each team distinguished?

The captain has a band around his arm that says capatin

What sport can you play with a broken arm?

Soccer Tennis Football

Indirect soccer kicks?

They are given when a defender passes the ball with his feet (his head or chest don't count for this rule) to his goalkeeper and the goalkeeper touches the ball with his hand or arm. The ball is placed where it was at that time (inside or outside the penalty box, not necessarily on the penalty spot), and the attacking team must make a pass before shooting. Walls must be at least 9.15 metres away from the ball (and at most on the goal line) and can contain any number of defensive players.

What do you do if your arm is falling off?

Call 911.