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Only the position of the ball matters.

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Q: Is it a penalty if a player handles the ball inside the box but his feet are outside?
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When is the soccer goalie fouled?

A goalkeeper is fouled when - A) He intentionally fouls another player inside or outside the goalbox B) He handles the ball after a deliberate back pass from his team mate or throw in C) He handles the ball outside the penalty box D) He moves off the goal line before a penalty is taken.

When a player touches the ball with their hand inside of their penalty box it is called?

If a defender, one not the goal keeper, deliberately handles the ball within their own penalty area then the restart is a penalty kick for the opposing team. It could also be misconduct depending on the circumstances. If an attacker deliberately handles the ball within the opponent's penalty area, the restart is a direct free kick for the defense. It must be, in the opinion of the referee, deliberate.

What is the penalty for touching the ball in soccer?

What I think you meant is, "what is the penalty for deliberately handling the ball?" If it is deemed to not be deliberate, then there is no offense. If a player deliberately handles the ball the other team is awarded a direct free kick at the location of the infraction. If it's done by a defender inside the defender's penalty area then a penalty kick would be awarded instead.

What happens if a soccer ball touches a player's hands?

If it's not the goalkeeper and outside the area, and the referee thinks it's deliberate, then it's a free kick to the opposition. If it's not the goalie and inside the area, and deliberate, then it's a penalty. If the goalie handles outside the area, then it's a free kick - this is most likely to result in a sending off as well.

When a player touches the ball outside of their penalty box?

if its the goalie its a hand ball. then i think its box penalty kick. but if its a player same thing.

What is the penalty for the player if they step outside the batting box?

they're called out.

What is it called when a player touches the ball with their hand inside the penalty box?

They must do it deliberately. If they do, then it is called deliberate handling. If they do it inside their own penalty area then it would be a penalty kick for the opponents.

When a player touches the ball outside of the penalty box in soccer?

Deliberate handling outside of the penalty area by a player results in a direct free kick for the opponents. It could also be misconduct, depending on the circumstances.

When is a penalty shot awarded in soccer?

A penalty is awarded to your team in soccer when the opposing team player fouls your team player inside your goalie box

What punishment does Goalkeeper in soccer get when he handles ball outside penalty area?

If it's deliberate handling, he gives away a direct free kick. If he's the last defending player and stops an opponent from scoring, he can be sent off.

High tackle inside the penalty area?

The offending player would most likely get a straight red, and a penalty would be awarded.

What is a penalty in English football?

A penalty is given when a player 'fouls' a player inside the 'box'. Then the player has a direct shot like a free kick. A penalty is also in play when after the usual 90 minutes and extra time (30 minutes), players arrange for a penalty shootout. Hope this helps.

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