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It is out of bounds if it hits the goalposts. I realized that when the ball hit the goalpost and a Steeler player "intercepted the ball"

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Q: Is it a live ball if it hits the goal post in football?
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How far must a football travel on a kickoff before it can be touched?

the football must travel ten yards for the offense to touch it. However, if the ball hits a defender, it is a live ball(the offense can recover it.)

What does live ball mean in football?

loose ball (fumble)

If you swing and ball hits you is the ball live or dead?

If you swing and miss and the ball hits you, it is a strike and a live ball. If you swing and the bat makes contact with the ball and the ball hits you while you're in the batter's box, it is a foul ball and a dead ball.

What is the ruling if a pitched ball bounces before it hits a batter Is it a dead ball or live ball?

live ball

If a field goal is kicked and the ball bounces off the upright and back into the field of play is it a live or dead ball?

It's dead. The goal posts are out of bounds, so if a ball touches them it becomes dead. (Although if a ball hits an upright or the crossbar but still goes through, the kick is still good.)

In kids' pitch is it a dead ball if it hits the ground before it hits the batter?

In regular baseball rules, the ball is still live, even if it hits the ground first, until it hits the batter, then it becomes a "dead ball". If it never hits the batter, its still a live ball.

What happens when ball hits sky cam?

According to the referenced link (which is pretty interesting in general), "If a live ball hits the Sky Cam or any other non-football related thing, such as a bird in flight, the down will be replayed."

If a ball is throw and bounces off the upright and back into the field of play is it a live or dead ball?

Once the passed ball hits any part of the goal posts it is considered dead. According to an article on, former NFL referee Jerry Markbreit was asked a similar question. "If the ball hits the upright is it still in play on a forward pass or a field goal try?" His answer was: "The goal post is out-of-bounds in the end zone; however, a field goal try that hits any part of the goal posts and rebounds through scores three points. So, in this case, the goal post remains in play. If the ball rebounds back into the end zone or into the field of play, it cannot be advanced because it is dead by rule. If a forward pass hits the goal post, it is dead immediately and an incomplete pass is ruled."

Is the football live when kickoff passes the goal line?

In high school it is not live. In college and the NFL, it is live,

What is the rule when a batter hits a ball then the ball hits the batter and there are runners in first and second baseis this a dead ball or live?

it is a foul.

When is a blocked field goal a live ball for the team kicking the field goal?

The ball is always live. The kicking team, however, can only recover it after the opposing team touches it. If the Field Goal is blocked it can be recovered by the kicking team if the ball never crosses the line of scrimmage.

Where can one find live football streaming?

Live football games are streamed on ESPN, Fox Sports, TSN, Stream Hunter, First Row, Live Football, VIP Box, Euro Rivals, Give Me Goal, and Live Football.

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