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It is usually a good idea. Swimming is great exercise. Don't go if there is a thunderstorm.

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Q: Is it a good idea to go swimming today?
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Is it ok to go swimming with a low grade fever?

No. Not a good idea.

What is a good sentence for the Southern Ocean?

I have no idea if it's safe to go swimming in the Southern Ocean...

How long should you wait until you go swimming after getting your belly piercing?

not a good idea

Can A child get sick from swimming in a cold swimming pool?

It depends, how cold is the weather? if it is hot then probably not, but if it is chilly than it is probably not a good idea to go swimming anyways

How can you use swimming in a sentence?

I am going to go swimming today.

Is today a good day to go swimming?

yes yes if it is not cold or windy perfect day to go to the pool

What can you do today in Cardiff?

go to the swimming pool in the bay.

How long do you have to wait to go swimming in a pool after you get your nose pierced and Swimming for less than an hour every weekday?

That would be determined by your doctor. Not a good idea to swim as you can get an infection.

Can you go swimming when you have a cold?

You can go swimming if you have a cold. You should make sure you eat enough to sustain you about 1-2 hours before you go and take plenty of water with you.It is probably not a good idea to go swimming if you have a cold. Your body is trying to fight the infection and you need to rest so it can do so. If you do need to go swimming then you should make it a light workout.

Is it okay to go swimming after piercing your belly button?

Swimming after getting your piercing is not a good idea. The water has a lot of bacteria in it which could cause an infection. It is recommended that you wait the full heal time before swimming, which is 6-12 months.

What is a good title for a science project about goggles and swimming?

Lets go swimming

Is it bad if you go swimming daily?

Just as long as you don't burn youself out, swimming every day is a great idea.

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