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no, the goalie can kick the ball. He cannot pick it up though.

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Q: Is it a foul when a player from team A passes the ball back to his own goalie and the goalie then kicks it into play?
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What can you ask a soccer player?

Well, you can ask a soccer player anything that is related to soccer. Here are a few with the answers. 1. What is offsides? When a player with the ball gets a pass from their team mate but the opponent is in back of the person who got the pass. (Should be something like that) 2. How do you get a throw in? When the opponent kicks the ball out of bounds. 3. How many people on the field at a time? (Depends on their age) 12 and under 8 including goalie (7 not including goalie) 13 and up 11 including goalie (10 not including goalie) 4. What are the positions? Goalie, defense, offense mid-field Hope these helped!

Can the goalie pick up the ball when a player on his side passes the ball back to him in mini soccer rules Under 10's?

According to the FIFA Laws of the Game if a player passes it with their feet to the goal keeper who then picks it up in the penalty area, then play is stopped and the restart is an IFK for the opponents.

When is a direct kick awarded?

Only when a foul is committed such as handball or a bad tackle - offsides or back passes are indirect free kicks!

Which of these is a player's position in baseball Left Guard Running Back Goalie Right Field?

Right Field

Who is Dallas stars back up goalie?

Tobias Stephen

Terms used when the puck bounces back off the goalie?

A save, rebound or deflection. Trust me I am a goalie! Em 27

What if someone kicks you?

in the face... You kick them back...

How do soccer goalie gloves differ from other sports athletic gloves?

Soccer goalie gloves differ from other sports athletic gloves because of the padding on the back of the glove to protect the metacarpals on the goalie's hand from breaking if the ball made contact with the back of the goalie's hand. These gloves are almost reminiscent of UFC training gloves except for the fact that the fingers are covered on soccer goalie gloves as well.

What are the release dates for Skating Kicks Back - 1998 TV?

Skating Kicks Back - 1998 TV was released on: USA: 14 November 1998

Can anyone on the lascrosse field use there hands?

No player is aloud to pick the ball up with there hands in lacrosse. Even the goalie, unless the ball is stuck on the back of the goal and can't be retrieved with a stick, then the goalie would get permission from the referee to pick it up and put it in his stick.

If you are a goalie how far should you run?

I am assuming you are talking about training. For a goalie it not important to be able to run for miles like a field player. you need to be able to sprint back and forward for about 30 yards. I play for my college as a goalie and when the field players go for there 5 mile run the goalies have to do suicides the whole time. we us the increaments of 5yd, 18yd, and 25yd.

What goalie won back to back Stanley cups?

Bernie Parent, I'm sure there were others.