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Yes, or the other way around.

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Q: Is it a flagrant personal foul when the defensive player slams the offensive player to the ground?
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Why do defensive linemen have to put one hand on the ground in the NFL game?

They don't, there is no rule that states they have to. One reason the defensive lineman gets in a three point stance (one hand on the ground) is to put him on the same level as the offensive lineman, who also is in a three point stance. One of the keys of being able to keep the offensive lineman from controlling a defensive lineman is for the defensive lineman to have a lower center of gravity. If the offensive lineman can get low on a defensive lineman he can pretty much move him anywhere he wants. This is particularly important on running plays where the offensive line is to trying to open a 'hole' for the running back to run through.

What happens if the disk is dropped by an offensive team in ultimate frisbee?

the offensive team switches to play defense and the previously defensive team picks up the disc and can attack their opponents end zone (i.e. they switch to offense). this happens whenever the offensive team drops the disc or it hits the floor whilst they are attacking, be it through a missed-throw or if a defensive player knocks the disc to the ground. defense do not have to catch the disc to turn over the play.

Did Lee win a brilliant victory at Chancellorsville through the tactic of holding the high ground?

No, his tactic was splitting his army into two and outflanking the Union Army under General Joseph Hooker. This was an offensive tactic as opposed to the defensive tactic of holding high ground.

Can you touch the basketball when it is in the cylinder?

An offensive player touch the ball when it is in the cylinder. If a defensive player touches it then, it is goaltending and two or three points are awarded.

Warfare that involved digging into the ground and waiting for infantry charges?

Defensive trench warfare.

Is a runner out if the first baseman has his hand on the ball while the ball is still no the ground but does not lift the ball off the ground?

Yes. They would be out. Think of it like this. If a runner is running home from third and the catcher slides onto the plate with the ball, the runner is still out, even though the catcher is on the ground. As long as the Defensive player has possession of the ball, and is touching the base, the offensive player would be considered out.

What is charg?

electric charge is kind of state in which a substance is able to pass or gain certain amount of conduction in it.

What were three strengths in the south?

* Fighting on home ground * experience army and leaders * fighting a defensive war

What is a fumble-rooskie?

It's basically a run play that's drawn up to be ran by an offensive lineman. The quarterback takes the snap but the center pulls the ball back and places the ball on the ground. The quarterback still goes through the motion of handing off the ball to a RB and the RB plays as if he has the ball. However, the ball that is on the ground is picked up and ran by an offensive lineman. The play is now an illegal play. Placing a live ball on the ground is incredibly risky considering the athleticism and awareness of defensive players. If a defensive player picks it up, it's a fumble recovery. And, considering that the offense is faking like it's a normal play, it's probably a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. Nebraska used to run it under Tom Osborne

What is turnover in ultimate Frisbee?

A turnover in ultimate is when the offensive team loses possession of the disc to the defensive team. This can happen when:1. The disc hits the ground (whether it be from a missed catch or from a defender smacking it to the ground. 2. A defender catches a disc 3. An offender catches the disc out of bounds or the disc lands out of bounds. 4. The stall count on the thrower hits ten seconds.

If a foul hit is caught then the batter is out?

Yes. If a foul ball is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground the batter is out.

Why would would the U.S. army have wanted planes?

Planes are essential to military operations. They transport troops, cargo, supplies, etc. all across the globe and provide support for combat operations both on the ground and the in the air in offensive and defensive operations.