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As long as you support your son's efforts in Baseball, you don't need to be the coach. You can be a fan.

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Q: Is it OK to prefer not to coach your son in little league?
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Was Bobby Bowden a coach at auburn?

no but his son was

What do mom's do if their son is in little league and also if he's in the Major Leagues?

Cheer Go to Games Worry Take Pictures

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What is the height of a Little League pitcher?

Honestly, it varies. I've seen short little league pitchers that are the best. But speaking from what experts would say, the upper 5 feet, 5'8, 5'9, etc. Less then that as well, though. If your a little league pitcher, or your son is, don't let the lack of height get you down. Anything is possible.

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Where can I sign my son up for baseball lessons?

Contact your local park district office or your son's teacher for information about little league teams in your area. Although most little leagues aren't actually affiliated with the school district, teachers or school administrators will often know how to get in contact with the little leagues' officials.

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Your son plays little league baseball and he loves the infield would he have success at 1st base in the big league by being left handed at first base?

Catcher, pitcher, outfield, and first base are the only position a lefty will play at the major league level.