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Q: Is it OK for a six ball to play in a greensomes competition ie 3 pairs?
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Can you play in a competition with a ball that has the word Pactice on it?


Can a player play twice in the same four ball competition?

No, this is not permitted. Unless it is match play and they play with the same partner in a later round.

What games did roman kids play?

plate throwing, ball tossing, and other competition games

How do you turn on the diso ball at the night club on club penguin?

get a bunch of penguins and play a dance competition

How do you play pairs in golf?

There are a few options. You can play fourball, combined scores, that is two teams of two, each play out the hole, you add the team totals together, whoever has the lowest combined score wins the hole.You can do fourball betterball, this is two teams of two, each player plays out the hole and the lowest score in each team wins the hole.You can do greensomes, this is where both players hit a tee shot on each hole, then they selected the best drive and play out the hole in an alternate shot format. (Whoever's drive is selected has to let their playing partner hit the next shot)You can also do foursomes which is similar to greensomes, although one player from each team hits a tee shot and then their partner hit the next.You may have to give shots if the handicaps vary, this may be decided by yourselves or the rules of the competition may state them. The most common is either full difference or 3/4 difference.

If your golf ball comes to rest within the range of an active water sprinkler are you allowed to move it before getting soaked by water?

The rules do not anticipate such an event. I would say this wouldn't happen to you in competition, because the greens staff wouldn't set it up to go off during a competition. If it is not a competition just wait for it to stop and collect the ball or just grab it if you get the chance and play it from where ever you want. If you are in competition, let the sprinkler stop then you will have to play the ball as it lies, unless there is a local rule which will be on the back of the scorecard. If there is casual water caused by the sprinkler you will get relief.

What is a scotch play in golf?

Scotch Foursomes, also known as Greensomes, is a competition format for 2-person teams that is a variation on standard foursomes. In standard foursomes, the two players on a side - Player A and Player B - play alternate shot on each hole. On tees off, the other hits the second shot, the first hits the third shot, and so on until the ball is holed.In Scotch Foursomes, both players on a side tee off. Players A and B each hit a drive, the better of the two drives is selected, and then A and B play alternate shot until the ball is holed.Who hits the second shot? The player whose drive was not selected. If A's drive is the one the team decides to use, then B plays the second stroke.

How do you choose a Golf balls?

I find that the best way to choose a new golf ball is to try out some different ones and know what you can do with each one. Then before you play in a competition, know what you will have to do and use the correct ball for the bob :)

Ball out of bounds play provisional ball?

Yes, if you think you have hit your ball in play out of bounds you must play a provisional ball from the exact same spot as where you played the previous shot from. However, if you know the ball is out of bounds the next ball you play becomes the ball in play.

Why is the weight of football not more or less than its specified weight?

-- The ball is manufactured in such a way as to have the specified final weight. -- A ball with more or less than the specified weight would not be eligible to be used in competition, and would be removed from play by the officials.

Is one allowed to practice on the course during a competition?

In a match play competition you can practice on the course before a round In stroke play competition you must not practice any day during the competition, the penalty is disqualification

Can you only get cut when you break standard scratch in a competition or can you get cut if you play a friendly 4 ball and return a card breaking the standard scratch?

litarlly yes but be very carful and you wont