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Really IPL is good for cricket it gives a golden opportunity for the players and thus IPL is a witness for many wonderfull partnerships it also helps to attract more fans for the great game of cricket. IPL is good for cricket in many more ways.

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โˆ™ 2012-07-24 01:43:11
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Q: Is ipl good for cricket
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Is Ipl a County cricket?

IPL is like club cricket or you can say it is like the English county cricket

Is there Ipl cricket cheat?


How is cricket 2011 game?

which cricket game has ipl in it

When is ipl cricket starting?

IPl 2014 is strating from April 16..

What does dlf stand for in ipl cricket?

DLF is a company which sponsors the IPL

Is there a game known as ipl in cricket 07?

How it will be there? when IPL begun in 2008.

Will there be an ipl cricket game?

There is one.

Where can you download cricket 1009?


Who is best captain of 2011 IPL cricket?

Undoubtedly Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the best captain of 2011 IPL cricket. He lead Chennai Superkings and won the IPL Cup.

Is ipl different from regular cricket?


How do you watch IPL cricket 2009 online?

You can watch IPL cricket T20 matches online on official website and .

What is the use of cricket attax DLF IPL?

cricket attax is made for entertainment

How IPL a big commercial leap for cricket?

It is a big commercial leap for cricket.

How do you remove ipl edition from cricket 07?

uninstall cricket 07 and reinstall it

Who will win the cricket ipl for 2012?

Delhi daredevils

Who will win 2013 ipl cricket?

mumbai indians.............

How do you install ipl patch in cricket 07?

i have you patch

Has ipl cricket taken out world cup flavor?


What is fullformof DLFin ipl cricket?

Delhi Land and Finance is the full form of dlf in dlf ipl

What is the benefit of IPL?

Well the only benefit of Ipl is that more domestic people can come in and try to show there talent to the world. There are many players who proved that they are good enough to play Indian cricket and that's why Indian team has a very great dominant in cricket world. IPL is one of the major factor as more and more good cricketers are being found.

Is ipl boon or bane por cricket?

If ICC rules are allowed to prevail in ipl then surely it is boon for cricket else a bane. Presently it is nothing but a problem league.

Where can you download cricket 07 IPL version for psp?

how do i knwo?

What does DLF stands for in IPL cricket?

Delhi Leasing and Financing.

Do IPl has turned cricket into a big business opportunity?


Who hit the longest six in ipl cricket?

Adam Gilchrist