Is hockey only for boys

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Girls can play 2

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Q: Is hockey only for boys
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Should hockey only be played by boys?

Opinions will vary, and most probably wil agree that there should be girls' teams and boys' teams if girls do play hockey.

Can girls play college boys hockey?

Then why would it be called "College BOYS hockey"?

Are hockey boys better than rugby boys?


Why are ice hockey players referred to as boys?

I dont get it ice skaters are usually girls but skating and moving a puck around is only for boys.They seem to think it's only for boys.

Who loves hockey?

Everyone! But mostly boys... I think it doesn't matter at all...I'm a girl..and I love hockey and play hockey too...almost every year we get more and more girls who want to play hockey in a more competitive way.... boys hockey is the same.. but of course there are a lot more boys playing hockey..boys go to the NHL..girls go to the matter if your a girl or a boy..just believe in yourself and have a blast or FUN...!!

Why do girls only play field hockey?

Boys do play hockey, I'm 12 year old boy and i'm playing a match tommorow. It goes up to Olympic level to.

What is the popular sport for girls?

Hockey, no doubt about it. Girls actually like hockey a lot more than boys. Don't get me wrong, boys still love hockey. One more thing lets go Rangers!!

Are the sedins girls or boys?

Neither...they are gentlemen hockey stars

What do girls wear in ice hockey?

The same as boys I think

Is hockey a girls' sport?

Hockey is played by both men and women, boys and girls, all around the world.

Is indoor hockey an Olympic sport?

No, only ice hockey and field hockey are.

Are girls tough in hockey?

Yes, girls are tough in hockey. Although there is no checking in girls hockey, unlike boys, they can still play just as good and competitively!

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