Is hockey a full contact sport?

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Q: Is hockey a full contact sport?
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What are some disadvantages of hockey?

The cost of ice prices. Price is certainly a barrier. Hockey is not a cheap sport, however, when you say disadvantages, it all depends on why you are asking. Hockey is a fast paced sport which helps with excellent conditioning and durability, along with being a team sport, Hockey is notorious for breeding close knit groups of friends. You can have contact and non-contact hockey, depending on your preference and level of play.

Why is hitting allowed in ice hockey?

Hockeys a contact sport. Hitting is part of the game.

What is the most exciting sport to watch on Television?

In my opinion almost any contact sport such as rugby, American football, or hockey.

Is ping pong a contact sport?

No it is not. But then again, it is. Depends on what your definition of "contact sport" is. In most cases, ping pong is not a contact sport for it contains no actual physical contact between the players as you would see in hockey or football (which are full contact, or collision, sports). According to another definition, ping pong, in a way, is a contact sports because there is physical contact between the player and the ball (when you go to serve the ball, you are holding it. This is considered contact between player and object).

What is brenda asnicar favourite sport?

Full contact chess.

Is hockey an aerobic or an anaerobic sport?

Hockey is an aerobic sport.

Is hockey an adjective?

No, Hockey is the name of a sport. So it is a proper noun.

How is hockey violent?

Hockey is violent because of two reasons... one of them would be the fighting in the sport, professionals fight alot which can make the sport violent. Also, it can be considered violent because hockey is a contact sport and some people will hit violent and not do a clean hitm so that can also make the sport dirty.

Name a sport where players lose teeth?

Almost any contact sport, such as hockey, football, boxing, just for starters. Family Feud Answers: Hockey Boxing Football Baseball Wrestling

When was hockey invented?

hockey was invented in the 18hundreds.1873. hockey is the best sport.1873. hockey is the best sport.

Why is fighting particularly common in ice hockey?

It's a full contact sport so emotions run high. Add the fact that your team is not severly penalized when you fight allows players to do it

Which sport has the most contact hockey or football?

I believe its football just because you usually have to hit someone every play in hockey you do get hit but not as much.

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