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Field Hockey is a field sport, but both indoor and Ice Hockey are rink sports.

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Q: Is hockey a field sport
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Why is there capioncips in field hockey?

field hockey is an indoor sport and a outdoor sport

Which hockey is the national sport of India?

field hockey

When did field hockey become a sport?

Field hockey in all its forms has fulfilled the definition of a sport for as long as it has been played.

Is field hockey is a winter olympic sport?

Ice Hockey

Is indoor hockey an Olympic sport?

No, only ice hockey and field hockey are.

What is the national sport in India?

field hockey

Is field hockey a commonwealth sport?

Yes it is

Did field hockey evolve from another sport?

It evolved from hockey T_T

What sport do the Black Sticks play?

hockey (real hockey AKA field hockey)

What is the State sport of Pakistan?

The state sport of Pakistan is Field Hockey.

What is the national sport of Pakistan?

The national sport of Pakistan is Field Hockey.

What year did field hockey become an olympic sport?

Field hockey debuted at the 1908 Games in London.

Hockey is generally known as a Canadian sport. What other sport closely resembles hockey?

lacrosse, field hockey, shinty(which is a scottish-irish sport which is like a mixture of rugby and hockey!)

Is field hockey an Olympic sport?

Yes; field hockey has been an Olympic sport for males continuously since 1928, and for women since 1980.

Who was dhyanchand and what sport did he play?

He was an Indian hockey player and played field hockey

What sport is played with a stick and a puck?

Hokey, field hockey, sideline hockey.

Which sport used to feature a bully?

Field Hockey

What spectator sport was established in 1886?

Field Hockey

What is India's national sport now?

Field hockey

What sport does Spencer hastings play?

field hockey

What is the previous national sport of india?

Field hockey.

National sport Pakistan?

The national sport is field hockey, but the most popular sport is cricket

Is there such a sport called ice hockey?

Ice Hockey is Hockey played on ice; as compared to Field Hockey which is played on grass.

What is India's national sport?

India has no official national sport according to the ministry of sports. However, as noted by Wikipedia, the de facto (unofficial) national sport is Field Hockey.

Which sport did Dhyan Chand play?

Dhyan Chand played the sport of field hockey.