Is hockey a dumb game

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I don't think it is. Quite the contrary, especially having seen it being played in the Olympics (since the underwater cameras show what is going on under the water). It's a rough sport, and can be quite brutal.

Water Polo is a full contact team sport which requires skill, stamina, technique and a lot of strength. It's a combination of other sports like football, soccer, hockey, Basketball, and hockey (fights), but played in 20 feet of water.

This is the amazing part, because not only do the players have to know how to swim, they have keep their heads above water using a technique called "egg-beating" and they need the skill and strength to jump up with the ball (a fairly large and wet one) with one hand to be able to throw it to another team mate, or to try for the goal.

Unlike football, soccer, hockey or basketball, the sport is not one for little kids to start out playing in 'little leagues." The sport is not offered in schools until high school, because of the difficulty (skilled swimmers) and danger (drowning?).

Perhaps some may think it "dumb" or not be as popular as other sports because what looks harmless, or boring, on the surface, is because much of the action is under the water making it almost impossible to see what is going on, since a lot, a whole lot, happens under the water.

I found it fun to watch even without knowing many of the rules, and not being able to see all that was going on under the water. And because of all the pulling, grabbing, and tugging on each other's bathing suits, under the water, many naughty bits are exposed - so to protect the network from FCC fines or other sanctions they are very careful not to capture any of that on camera since much of the Olympics is live. (In fact, this year 2012, a woman's breast was exposed, though briefly, that NBC is considering a film delay so that, or worse, isn't shown on national TV again.

See reference links for more info

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No. When played properly, hockey is a baeutiful flowing game, full of skill and heroics in both attacking and defneding, with excitement continuing throughout.

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Q: Is hockey a dumb game
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