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Well hard isn't quite the word to describe Wrestling. It's demanding that's for sure and depending on your weight class and skill it can definitely be hard. What sport isn't hard though? I don't think there is any point in participating in a sport if it doesn't challenge you mentally AND physically. Wrestling is amazing. Never be afriad to get out on that mat and give it your best shot! :D

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Q: Is high school wrestling a hard sport?
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Is high school wrestling a sport?

Yes, it is.

Is wrestling a hard sport to take up as a sophomore in High School?

No. One of my friends took wrestling since he was a freshman, and he never complains.

Why should Wrestling be the best sport?

Yes because they have it in high school and jr. high

What is Carlos Santana favorite sport?

He loves wrestling. He was a wrestler in high school.

Most dangerous high school sport?

It is probably American football or wrestling. A dude got a concussion from wrestling.

Is it hard to learn a new sport after high school?


How hard is high school wrestling?

It is very hard you get embarrassed and choked and hurt allot.

What high school sport has 3 periods?

Hockey. also Wrestling (unless you go into over time)

What type of wrestling is taught in high school?

amature wrestling is taught in high school

How specifically do you take wrestling stats for high school wrestling meets?

As a coach or high school wrestler.

When is the high school wrestling season?

Wrestling usually, for high school, starts practicing around November.

Are you supoosed to be in wrestling in high school to have wrestling as a career?

you don't have to be in wrestling during high school Tobe a have to go to wrestling school.witch i wan't to be a wrestler so i will go to wrestling school.Answerno u don't have 2 be a wrestler in high school. You have 2 go to a Wrestling School to train though.....

What is the best Georgia high school wrestling?

Dutchtown High School

What is the international Olympic committee email address?

The sport of wrestling was the reason why I didn't drop out of high school, and got a college education. Please save our sport in the Olympics.

What was Harry Beckham's sport in high school?

Harry sport in high school was swimming.

Is high school wrestling fake in any way?

Nope. They are real people, pouring their heart and soul into learning this intense sport.

Importence of high school sport?

It will prepare you for advanced stages of that sport if you pursue it after high school.

Is high school hockey considered a sport or a club?

High school hockey is a sport, not a club.

Should high school wrestling be allowed?

why shouldn't it? high school wrestling is not the same as what you see on WWE. those are professionals! all high school wrestling is trying to get the other person off their feet theres no hitting involved!

High school wrestling warm up songs?

eye of the tiger, we are the champions, basically your typical warm-up songs for any sport

Is wraseling real?

I don't think "wraseling" is a word. Wrestling is a word, and it is a sport. However, there are some televised versions of wrestling that are more acting than wrestling. I won't go into specifics, but the televised "good guys" vs. "bad guys" (and now girls!) are not your real, authenic, wrestling. Wrestling is a high school and college sport here in America. That kind of wrestling is "real".

Which sport did Kurt Cobain play in high school?

Wrestling Kurt Cobain was hyperactive as a youngster, and given Ritalin to help him concentrate in school and sedatives to help him sleep at night.

What age is good to start wrestling?

High school wrestling, any age. WWE wrestling, 20

Do you have to keep your hair short for high school wrestling?

No, you do not have to keep your hair short for most high school school wrestling tournaments. Most will accept your hair tied into a tight ponytail with an elastic/ponytail band with NO metal on it. Headbands are also acceptable provided they are soft with no hard (or metal) components.

How hard is the high school diploma test?

It is not hard to get your high school diploma. You just have to finish high school.