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At the Olympic level yes but technically no. Women do compete in the Decathlon but not (yet) in the Olympics. With an age grading factor included, the highest point total ever is by masters athlete Nadine O'Connor. And indoors the men compete in a different heptathlon. I suggest these are evolving situations as it has taken decades to reach acceptance (into world championship and Olympic level events), but women outdoors and men indoors have advanced from pentathlon to heptathlon and continue to test further bounds. There is even an icosathlon (double decathlon).

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Q: Is heptathlon for women only and is decathlon for men?
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Why no men in heptathlon?

Men compete in decathlon, women compete in heptathlon. Men do not compete in heptathlon, women do not compete in decathlon.

What is the difference between Heptathlon and Decathlon?

The hepatathlon is a seven discipline event for women and the decathlon is a ten discipline event for men.

What are heptathlons and decathlons?

The heptathlon and decathlon are both multidisciplinary events. The heptathlon consists of seven events and is usually competed by women. The decathlon consits of ten events and is nearly alway competed by men.

What olympic events winner is to be considered the worlds greatest athlete?

For men, that is the winner of the decathlon and for women, the winner of the heptathlon.

What olympic event's winner is considered to be the world's greatest athlete?

For men, that is the winner of the decathlon and for women, the winner of the heptathlon.

Are decathlon participants more often women or men?

Although many women compete in decathlons, the sport is dominated by men. Women typically compete in the heptathlon which features seven sports events instead of the ten events of the decathlon.

How are the heptathlon 'N' decathlon events similar?

The heptathlon and the decathlon are variations of the same event, combined-events. In outdoor track and field, women do the heptathlon, consisting of seven events, and men do the decathlon, consisting of ten events. Both of the events have events in them that are power and speed related with one that is more endurance related.

Which four events appear in the men's decathlon and the women's heptathlon?

Both the decathlon and heptathlon share the shot Put, the high jump, the long jump, and the javelin throw. (though the implements for the shot put and javelin throw are of different weight and size)

Do woman do decathlon?

Usually men compete in decathlon not women.

Can both men and women take place in the heptathlon?

In track only women! And in swimming you'll have to figure that out!

What events are in the women's decathlon?

Same as men

What events are in a woman's heptathlon?

Seven events make up the women's modern heptathlon as opposed the 10 events in the men's decathlon. The events are the 100 meter hurdles, the high jump, the shot put, the 200 meter run, the long jump, the javelin, and the 800 meter run.

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