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Q: Is heat from a curling iron conduction?
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Is a curling iron conduction convection or radiation?

According to Wikipedia, convection is a heat transfer proces that requires the presence of something to transfer that heat, but it is a process that happens in fluids. Conduction is transfer of heat from a hot object to a less hot object, in this case from a hot curling iron to your hair. Radiation heat transfer is by its nature different from convection in that it does NOT require a medium. Since we are not talking about fluids or about heat transfer without the help of an medium, the process you are looking for is conduction

How heat is transferred in an iron?


How do you make satin ribbon curl?

This is a fun one...go get your curling Iron! Set the iron on low, and let it heat up. Then curl the ribbon with the curling iron. The ribbon will hold enough heat to curl permanently. To straighten it, just "iron" the ribbon with the iron.

Is curling your hair conduction?

Yes it is! I went on this song called conduction, convection, and radiation, and a part of it said "curling my hair, conduction is there" So.... It is!

What type of Heat transfer does a iron use?


Name the process by which heat flows in the iron rod?


What stores can you purchase a Ceramic Instant Heat Spiral Curling Iron?


Gray hair turning yellow with heat from curling iron and hair drying any suggestions?

Your curling iron and hair dryer are scorching your hair if it is turning yellow. Try using a lower heat setting on both.

Can you get a hair fungus from a curling iron?

It is very unlikely that a curling iron would damage a person's hair due to fungus. Curling irons get extremely hot, and the heat would kill any lingering bacteria on the barrel.

What size curling iron should you get for yourself?

It should probably matter if your hair is thinner , or thicker. If your hair is thinner, and you get a curling iron that has too much heat, it can cause it to fall out .

What does turbo mean on a flat iron?

Your Flat Iron will heat up faster and this goes the same For Curling Irons

Is silver in a curling iron?

No. A curling iron does NOT have silver in it!!.. There are silver curling irons but there are no curling irons with silver in them!