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it is not proven either way, but believed to be bad luck.

It depends on whether you called heads or tails before the coin toss!

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Q: Is heads good luck or bad luck?
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Is finding dimes good luck or bad luck?

Good luck if its heads, bad luck if its tails.

Does good luck and bad luck exits?

yes good luck and bad luck exits because when i found a penny on "HEADS" i got good luck i got ice cream i got a boyfriend and found a "100" dollar bill bad luck exits beacuse when i opened my umbrella i got bad luck i lost my boyfriend my brother took my "100" dollar bill so it does EXITS

What are the beliefs of a penny of the US?

If you find a penny on the heads side it is good luck if you find a penny on the tails side and pick it up it is bad luck

Do monkeys bring good or bad luck?

Monkey bring bad luck not good luck.

What are signs of good luck?

If you find a heads up penny that's supposed to be good luck

Are white cats bad or good luck?

good luck, since black cats are bad luck.

Is runng over a bird with your car bad or good luck?

there is no such thing as good/bad luck. so if you run over a bird no bad luck, no good luck. i think i got that cleared up

Is Friday the 13th supposed to be good luck or bad luck?

Bad luck.

Is a black feather good luck or bad luck?

good luck

Is the dipper star good luck or bad luck?

Good luck

Is good luck andbad luck real?

Yes, good luck happen to good people. bad luck happens to bad people. It's really that simple

Are leprechauns good luck or bad luck?

good (:

Who is the patron saint of bad luck?

There are no patron saints of luck - good or bad.

Is 777 good luck or bad luck?

777 really doesn't count bad or good. It is Good Luck in Las Vegas!

Are green vehicles bad luck?

no,and there's no thing as BAD LUCK OR GOOD LUCK

Are snake plants bad luck?

No. There is no such thing as a "good luck" or "bad luck" plant.

Is two fingers crossed good luck or bad luck?

good luck

Is a white elephant statue good luck or bad luck?

It's alway's for good luck but for bad person's you never know.

What is the most popular superstition?

that if a black cat crosses your path its bad luck. If one crosses your path on midnight on Halloween its bad luck for a year. BUT I DONT BELEIVE IN BAD LUCK AND GOOD LUCK . BAD AND GOOD LUCK ARENT REAL

Is kangaroo symbol good or bad luck?

"Good luck" is a mere superstition and does not exist. There is certainly neither good nor bad luck associated with kangaroos.

Is it bad luck if you have a bat in your house?

No, bad/good luck does not exist

Why is breaking glass good luck?

Breaking glass is not good luck- it is bad luck. If you have bad luck coming your way, breaking glass will, according to superstition, eliminate it. Breaking glass, without any (bad luck) precursor, will supposedly manifest itself in only bad luck. Speaking in more detail, according to superstition, when one has bad luck coming his or her way, breaking a mirror works as a shield to bad luck. A mirror is a reflective device. When one breaks a mirror, it will reflect the bad luck of a broken mirror. But, when already in the presence of bad luck, it reflects the bad luck in the bad-luck dimension. Bad luck in the bad luck dimension is good luck, which we all obstinately have.

Are white people bad luck?

No. No body is good luck or bad luck. Luck is not determined by the color of your skin.

What are some bad luck and good luck things?

When you kil a lady bug it is bad luck

Is it good or bad luck when an elephant trunk is up?

The trunk up is supposed to be good luck! Some believe that when the trunk is up it is good luck and when it is down its bad luck but even if the trunk goes down but tips up at the end its still bad luck