Is hazard going to Barcelona

Updated: 10/21/2022
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No there is no speculation

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Q: Is hazard going to Barcelona
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What score is Liverpool vs Barcelona going to be in 2014?

Barcelona 2-1 Liverpool

What is going on with Chelsea at the moment?

1)roberto di mataio is staying in chelsea to be a manager. 2)hazard,hulk and marko marin is going to chelsea. note:hamsik is attached to liverpool,chelsea,man united,barcelona,ac milan,inter milan and real madrid.

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No he is not.

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What is antonella roccuzzo job?

She was studying nutrition in Rosario Argentina before going to Barcelona

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never barcelona is going down because neymar is going to real madrid ohh yeah and neymar is so much better than messi

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The soccer player is going to transfer to Barcelona in the summer

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yh he is in the future

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Depends where your going from

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hazard will be taking the number 11 made vacant with the exit of drogba