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Being skinny or slim and thin in bodybuilding is either unhealthy or just not working out properly which make you under trained in the gym.Getting muscles a like muscular physique or visible six pack abs also big strong biceps is earned by working out keeping in shape and looking fit being muscular alway has been the true image of muscle and fitness,anything below muscles is considered something different which has nothing what so ever to do with fitness at all.

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Q: Is having skinny arm and a skinny body considered unhealthy in bodybuilding and sport or fitness when your physically not as strong and someone with muscles or the muscular look in genuine fitness?
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Is having skinny arm and a skinny body considered unhealthy in bodybuilding and sport or fitness when your physically not as strong as someone with muscles or the muscular look in genuine fitness?

It is very unhealthy that's if you want to be physically strong with muscle looking muscular'skinny arms and a skinny body on a male or female bodybuilder really does not make them a bodybuilder or fit it makes them less fit and not as physically strong,most people think they can get away trying to be fit but the body shows proof you not has fit as you make out,today in modern times they are more people saying they are fit healthy toned and strong flexing their arm pretending they have muscles (being muscular) but doing less means less muscles,less muscles proves they just getting out of been strong and muscular bodybuilder really after lot of decades have always been muscular saying different is not acceptable where fitness is concerned.

Is being curvy or skinny part of fitness or bodybuilding or is muscular the only shape for bodybuilding?

Muscular has always been the body shape in bodybuilding which has dated back years, curvy and skinny afraid not.

What is human muscular development?

your bodybuilding skills

What sport combined with bodybuilding is great for the perfect muscular physique?


For teenagers what might be the side effects of bodybuilding?

A muscular body with more self confidence.

What does it mean to be physically strong?

Fit, muscular.

How can unhealthy organs in the muscular system be cured?

please help me with this question! :D

Which diseases can be prevented by being physically fit?

Muscular distrophy

What is bodybuilding material?

The phrase "bodybuilding material" can refer to:Nutrients and supplements, especially creatine and protein, that are ingested as part of a bodybuilding regimen are the materials of bodybuilding.A person so called is one that has a lot of potential to be a great bodybuilder, such as one that has a good muscular base, high levels of drive and passion, and so on.

Does bodybuilding symbolize muscular and strength with the image of six pack abs muscular physique and huge bicep being a mascot of the image of fitness and strength where skinny and curvy is not?

Yes the image of a muscular person dates back year especially in circus performers like the strongest man flexing his muscles.Seeing a image of somone without being muscular give another image which has nothing to do with the muscular image or this question but if you see someone with the muscular physique with visible six pack abs massive biceps then you think to yourself muscular person man or woman.Some people in todays society forget what is physically strong and what is mentally strong they get both confused that to them a just a mentally strong person is physically strong but yest you get get both but observe the mentally strong person and see if they are muscular if not they there a just mentally strong not physical.So in future observe what is a strong person with the muscular physique and do not get confused by the two strong images i talked about.

Muscular strength and endurance is measured by?

Muscular strength and endurance is measured by how much a person can do physically. Endurance can be measured by exercise such as running.

Five benefits of a physically fit person?

improved body composition muscle hypertrophy improved flexibility increased muscular strength improved muscular endurance