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It's the 2nd most popular sport in France but most popular in the South. France's domestic competion games regularly get over 70,000 fans in attendance.

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I have no clue thats why I am here!

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Q: Is gymnastics popular in France
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where is the best gymnastics facility in Paris, France

Where did gymnastics?

Gymnastics started in 1893 in France. It was discovered by ponceur deleone.

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Gymnastics is the basis of dance

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The olympics!

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cuzzz it want it to be

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It depends on where you live! For example, gymnastics is not very well-known or popular in the Midwest, especially in states that don't have gymnastics teams affiliated with schools. However, everyone gets a bit excited about gymnastics when the Summer Olympics roll around, after watching it on TV, and interest peaks then.

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In France 2000 years ago.

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