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Most people consider gymnastics a girly sport, yes. But if you take gymnastics and are male, it doesn't mean you're girly. Gymnastics is fun, and, at times, can be very useful. Most people think of it that way, but really it's not. If a male can throw himself in the air and spiral around instead of throwing a ball in the air and spiraling them like a football and land on his own without a reciever, i'd say that makes him more of a man than any other athlete. Mostly girls take it because of body stature and flexibility but it truly is a blood and sweat sport, unlike ahem Cheerleading. If your a male and take it, congragulations because you have cut through stereotypes and are truly devoting yourself to the best sport you could have. Thank you, and again don't let anybody make fun of you for it, male or otherwise. If so ask them to do a round-off double back front. YouTube it if you have no clue.

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Oh yeah its totally gutsy if you're so girly and you're afraid to fall and maybe hurt yourself very scary i love gymnastics and i love to be in the air its amazing! Anyway dont be in gymnastics if you're afraid gymnastics is hard so dont be girly.

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Q: Is gymnastics a really gutsy sport?
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Is gymnastics better then every sport?

Yes gymnastics is the best sport and more gutsy if gymnastics was easy it would be called football hehe:)

Who agrees that Gymnastics is obviously the hardest sport EVER?

Well it really depends.

How many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport?

Many people associate gymnastics with flexibility. Girls are generally more flexible than boys so they think that boys can't do gymnastics. Actually gymnastics is more about your strength and ability to endure.

Is gymnastics a sport?

Gymnastics is definitely a sport!! And it's one of the hardest sports out there!!

What are the people who can do cartwheels and gymnastics?

Gymnastics is done all over the world. Because of this, it is an Olympic sport.

What is an example of a sport which focuses on flexibility?

gymnastics. oh how i hate gymnastics even though gymnastics isn't excatly a sport , but i don't actually think there is a sport which focuses on flexibility

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he doesn't really talk about what his favorite sport. His favorite sport is basketball.wait a minute if he don't talk about it then how you know?!?!?! i am going to follow you on this

You want to do gymnastics but im busy with other sports what do you do?

If you really want to do it , then you will give up your time & do it. Gymnastics is a great sport ,, ive done it for 2 years & i love it.

Is Gymnastics the hardest sport in the Olympics?

no there are much harder but since gymnastics is such a popular sport you have a lot of pressure. Dance is hard but not a olympic sport

What is Dominique Moceanu's favorite sport?

The sport of gymnastics.

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Turnen, is the sport of gymnastics in Dutch.