Is greenday canadien

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Billie Joe Armstrong is actually from California. But I can see where you would think he could be canadien, his voice definatley sounds like it.

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Q: Is greenday canadien
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Where are the members of greenday from?

The members of Greenday are from California.

What music do greenday play?

greenday plays rock

What type of band is greenday?

Greenday is Punk Rock

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When was Inter-Canadien created?

Inter-Canadien was created in 1986.

Does greenday suck?

1.NO!! Greenday are amaaaazing!! 2.ya greenday rocks 3. greenday and suck in the same sentence?? i didnt even know that was possible...Greenday is amazing....billie mike and tre are so adorkable ;]

What is the old bandname of greenday band before it became greenday?

Sweet children.

When was Le Naturaliste Canadien created?

Le Naturaliste Canadien was created in 1868.

When was Un Canadien errant created?

Un Canadien errant was created in 1842.

Why did greenday change there name?

Greenday changed their name to avoid confusion with another band named "Sweet Baby." They named themselves Greenday because of their fondness of marijuana.

Is greenday antichrist?