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It's not really about your age, it's about how good you are at Ballet, your age doesn't really matter. It is quite challenging but it depends on how well you do at ballet and if you have been through the other grades.

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Q: Is grade 4 IDTA ballet good for a 12 year old?
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What is level 5 in ballet?

Grade 5 is simply a grade in Ballet, like year 5 in school. You don't necessarily have to complete it, I didn't, to get to the next grade, Intermediate Foundation.

How long should a child be in ballet grade one?

For a year. If they really struggled in the first year maybe take extra lessons the following year.

What is the youngest age someone has past a grade 8 ballet exam?

Depends on how good you are... Some people begin to dance at a young age of 4,5,6 and started their grades at one year older or something.

What year did ballet start?

Ballet began in the 15th century.

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When does a ballet dance season start?

ballet is all year long

What is the oldest ballet?

It is claimed to be that the ballet "The Whims of Cupid and the Ballet Master" choreographed by Vicenzo Galeotti in Denmark in the year 1786 is the oldest SURVIVING ballet production. However, the OLDEST BALLET is supposedly "Le Ballet Comique de la Reine" in France in the year

What year did ballet originate?

Ballet originated in sixteenth and seventeenth century French courts.

What year did ballet begin?

Ballet dates back hundreds of years to French and Italian courts, and there is not exact date on which ballet begun.

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